Thursday, December 22, 2016

Tampa's Florida Aquarium with my little buddy (September 2015)

Daddy had business in Tampa and Orlando at the end of September, so Daxton and I decided to join along and make an adventure out of it.  We were super excited to visit the Florida Aquarium in Tampa!  We LOVE aquariums and love any chance we can get to visit.

Standing in front of the entrance

Love my sweet little man

Dax had so much fun watching the horseshoe crabs.  The lower glass was the perfect height for him to study their little legs under water.
We also had a blast exploring the wetlands trail, viewing all sorts of fish, alligators, rays, and snakes.
The wetlands exhibit is so AWESOME although I did have to keep reminding Dax not to stick his hand down in the water.  The fish were massive and there were so many amazing rays to watch.
Exploring the wetlands exhibit...
Moving on to the Madagascar exhibits.
We loved the colorful chameleons!

Dax also loved exploring the open ocean, watching the little tube worms, sea stars, and touching the animals in the tide pools.
Our favorite was the bat ray exhibit with most of the walls made out of glass for the best views.  So many rays swam up to Dax!
Making faces at the puffer fish...

The highlight, by far, was visiting the massive shark tank!
There were so many sand tiger reef sharks, Dax about lost his mind!

Dax was so brave and loved looking in at their sharp teeth every time they swam by.

After exploring the aquarium we went outside to find a massive splash pad in the back.  It was AWESOME!  It was included with our aquarium ticket, so we spent a good portion of the afternoon letting Dax run all around shooting water cannons and playing on the pirate ship.

There were also so many fun climbing nets Dax loved exploring.

Running through all the fountains...
Seriously, SO MUCH FUN!
I constantly find myself so grateful for this sweetheart son of ours.  He is truly my little buddy; so kind and loving.
I can honestly say that I love spending time with this little man and love going on adventures with him!

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