Thursday, December 22, 2016

Evening at Hollywood Beach with our Buddies (October 2015)

Florida Falls are pretty magical.
The ocean temps are in the 80s and the daylight is still stretched out giving lots of hours of sunlight.  One of those perfectly warm evenings, we decided to get a group of our friends together for a fun afternoon/evening at Hollywood Beach.  Jeni, Arianne, Monica and I met up a few hours before our hubbies were able to join.  We all swam, built sand castles, and enjoyed a perfectly relaxing afternoon at the beach.

Ocean Selfie!
Gotta love Daxton's melt down midway through pictures...
The kids (and mommies) loved playing in the warm calm waves!
It also happened to be little Max's birthday, so when Tom met up with us at the beach, he brought cupcakes for all the kids to enjoy.  Needless to say, it was a very fun and messy birthday party!  Good thing all they had to do was run into the ocean to wash off.
Best little buddies

Hollywood Beach is one of our favorite beaches for this reason...the splash pad!  It's the perfect way to clean off the kids after playing in the sand all afternoon.  We stripped the kids down and let them run back and forth through the fountains till all the sand was gone.  They had a blast playing in the water!

Of course, us mommies ran through the fountains as well :)

After cleaning off and changing the kids into dry clothes, we met up with our husbands and the Shumway family for dinner at our favorite Taco spot along Hollywood Beach Boardwalk, the Taco Spot.
We all had a blast eating yummy tacos and chatting the evening away.  After dinner, the kids had enough room for ice cream cones.  It was pretty cute to see these kids try to eat their cones before melting in the Florida heat.
Before leaving we let our little man play in the calm waves one more time as the sun was setting...we live in such a gorgeous place!!

One of my ultimate favorite pictures ever taken of these two :)
Nothing better than ice cream sticky kisses as the sun goes down at the beach!
Love these boys of mine with all of my heart!!

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