Thursday, December 22, 2016

Exploring Epcot with my little buddy (September 2015)

Daddy's work continued in Orlando, so Dax and I joined him.  While daddy was working, we decided to hit up Disney's Epcot and have some fun before meeting daddy for dinner.

At the entrance to Epcot

Dax was SO excited to finally be old enough for his own magic band...mommy and daddy were quite sad about this because now he cost money...

Visiting the Epcot aquariums...

Meeting his best buddy Mickey!

Dax loved giving Mickey kisses on his nose!

Meeting his buddy Goofy!

Giving hugs to Minnie

Love the Epcot "Spaceship Earth"

Meeting Donald in "Mexico"

We loved exploring the shops of Mexico, especially the large sombreros.

Dax also loved the "Three Caballeros" ride in Mexico.

The highlight of this cutie's day was running through the different splash pad fountains.  It was a good thing I always bring an extra change of clothes!

To end our day we hopped on the monorail for a quick ride to Magic Kingdom and back.  This kid would be happy just to ride the monorail all day!

After our fun at Epcot, we met back up with daddy at the hotel for yummy room service and then to bed.  This kids has NO clue how blessed his little life is for sure!

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