Wednesday, December 19, 2012

24 Days of Thanksgiving...

 Day 1: I'm thankful for a loving husband who has the patience of a saint and is always eager to help in anyway.

Day 2: I'm thankful for the most amazing little boy and the fact that he wakes up with a huge grin after every nap.

Day 3: I'm thankful for my brothers and their similar yet different ways of looking at life, often times turning to humor.  I'm also grateful that three of them have chosen the most amazing women to join our family.  I love having sisters!

 Day 4: I'm thankful for incredible parents who taught me what true love looks like even after so many years.

 Day 5: I'm grateful for my husband's gainful employment that allows me to be a stay at home mom with this beautiful face everyday.

Day 6: I'm grateful to live in a democratic country and the hope for a better future for my little guy.

 Day 7: I'm grateful for music and the talents that I've been blessed with.

Day 8: I'm grateful for modern day medicine and the incredible care our little miracle received when he was born.

Day 9: I'm grateful to live in such a diversely beautiful area.

 Day 10: I'm grateful for the gospel and the knowledge of eternal families.

 Day 11: I'm grateful to live so close to the ocean!  I could spend all day playing in the sand and waves.

Day 12: I'm grateful for the magic of Disney, whether it be curling up on the couch watching a classic or visiting the actual park, there's something so comforting about that big friendly mouse.  Not to mention the castle is gorgeous during the holidays.

 Day 13: I'm grateful for a husband who will not only take off work to take care of a sick baby and sick wife, but who will also do two loads of laundry, cook, clean, give our baby breathing treatments, and let me sleep off two ear infections.  Yes, he is a saint!

 Day 14: I'm grateful that even on sick days when both Daxton and I are feeling crummy, he still smiles for mommy when I sing.

 Day 15: I'm grateful for animals.  I'm not a pet lover and am allergic to most, but I love zoos, aquariums, and any other chance to learn and interact with such amazing creatures.

 Day 16: I'm grateful for sweet natured travel buddies!

 Day 17: I'm grateful for the convenience of flying and making a 17 hour drive turn into a three hour flight!  Not to mention our little guy was an angel...prayers were answered!

 Day 18: I'm grateful for loving grandparents who adore our little guy.

 Day 19: I'm grateful for photography.  It's not only an amazing way to capture memorable experiences, but it has become a true love in my life that I'm excited to learn more about.

 Day 20: I'm grateful for amazing in-laws who will watch our little man so we can have our first date night!

 Day 21: I'm grateful for ice cream.  Many a memory spent with family and friends while eating this yummy treat.

 Day 22: I'm grateful for Thanksgiving.  How great to have a day dedicated to showing thanks!

 Day 23: I'm grateful for a layover at the SLC airport.  I had no idea they had a Cafe Rio in the airport!

Day 24: I'm grateful Daxton has so many fun cousins.  I loved growing up with my cousins and am excited for Daxton to do the same.

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