Thursday, December 20, 2012

Beach Baby

Our second day in San Diego we decided to drive 20 minutes north to meet up with Kim and her little ones at a beach in Carlsbad.  Carlsbad is easily one of my favorite beach towns along the west coast.  We went to a great beach off of the Tamarack exit between life guard towers 32 and 33.  It was a long stretch of calm waves and clean sand (no animals allowed) and we were literally the ONLY people on the beach.  It was absolutely perfect!
Kim taught me the ins and outs of going to the beach with a baby/toddler; including which strollers work the best, how to pack and pull them through the sand, and the most amazing powder bath for after a long day playing in the sand...AMAZING!
 This was Daxton's first time feeling sand.
He's been to several beaches, but most beaches in Northern California are cold and windy, so we usually have him bundled up tight.  This was his first time truly experiencing the joys of a warm sandy beach.
And he LOVED every minute of it!
I realize that there are a ton of pictures, but I couldn't help but post all of those amazing expressions.  I just wish I knew what he was thinking!

First touch and taste of the sand...

 A very happy baby!

I'd say it's been a pretty perfect day if your baby is that happy after over three hours of playing in the sand, no nap, and still smiling.
He truly is my baby; Beach bum at heart.

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