Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Meeting Santa

Living in California I've noticed that it's sometimes difficult to feel like it's Christmas.  I contribute it to the gorgeous sunny weather and lack of snow.  Don't get me wrong, that is something I LOVE about living in California, but I've always had a "white" Christmas.  So until I see those fluffy flakes, the holiday season doesn't set in.
Now that we have our little guy, I want to make sure that we start family traditions and really get into the holiday spirit.  Where did we start???
By visiting sweet Santa.
Daxton was pretty funny meeting Santa for the first time.  We waited in line for about 20 minutes and in that amount of time I saw at least 5 different babies scream at the sight of the jolly old man.  When it was our turn, I made sure to walk him over and let Daxton get a good look at Santa before placing him on Santa's knee.  Once I stepped out of the picture both myself and the photographer tried desperately to get Daxton to smile at the camera or simply look at the camera at all.  He simply sat on Santa's knee and stared at his big white tears.  
I guess he was just taking it all in and deciding for himself whether to "believe." 
The final picture we ended up with turned out adorable.
I love them looking at each other and Santa's sweet facial expression.  I have to admit, that was one good looking Santa!  He looked totally like the real thing.

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