Tuesday, December 18, 2012

8 Months Old

Life has been insanely busy.
I guess that's usually how things go during the holiday season!
Daxton turned 8 months old on November 27th.  Time continues to fly by and I continue to be amazed and how fast he is changing.  The other night he awoke crying from teething pains and I sadly realized while rocking him that he doesn't fit the same way in my arms any more.  He's grown inches and I now have to turn him diagonal to snuggle him in close.  Where has my baby gone!?
The big achievement for the month was gaining back all of his weight.  He has been on soy formula (the only kind he will take, after trying 5 different kinds of formula) and is now weighing in a little under 19 pounds!  He continues to be super happy and smiley and is also finding his voice.  He absolutely loves to hear mommy sing and will often sing along.  My favorite, by far, is he has learned how to giggle in a high pitch squeal.  Nothing like finding him squealing happily after a long nap.
We continue to worship the ground he walks on and think he is pretty perfect in every way.
Love you, my sweet baby!

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