Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Thanksgiving in Casper

We had an amazing Thanksgiving this year.
We don't usually get the chance to travel during the break, since Dallas is usually busy with work and it is so close to the Christmas holiday, but this year we were very blessed with EXTREMELY generous parents who flew us home to Casper, Wyoming for the week.
Daxton, once again, did amazing on the plane.
Our plane departing Oakland was a bit delayed which made for a very stressful connecting flight in Salt Lake.  We had 20 minutes to get us, a car seat, stroller, and all our carry-ons two terminals away.  We somehow were able to make our flight and land in Casper with no complications.  I've come to really like our time with Daxton while flying.  He is so interested by all the different new faces around him and will smile and interact with everyone.  It is also the only time now that he will let me snuggle with him while he is napping (he sure loves his crib!)
I wish we were able to visit family more often or had the means to fly more frequently.  I have been blessed with AMAZING in-laws who have welcomed me into their family with open arms.  It melts my heart to see how much love they have for all of us, but especially little Daxton.  There is something so sweet about seeing loved ones interacting with your child.  I wish I could put it into words.  Great grandma Marline was especially sweet with our little guy and, boy, did he love all the extra attention!

Getting snuggles with great grandma...
He knows how to work those eyes!
Best Buddies already!
He also LOVED snuggling with Grandpa.
Daxton was so sweet with Grandpa Perkins.
It is pretty obvious how much Dallas looks like his father, Drew, so Daxton naturally fell in love with him the quickest.  They were inseparable, which was so sweet.  He knows who's going to spoil him! 
Playing with Grandpa
Daxton also fell in love with Kelli.
I'm allergic to cats and dogs, but even I couldn't help but think it so sweet how interested Daxton was with her.  The second she would walk into the room, Daxton would get so excited and want to touch her.  Kelli is an amazingly calm and loving dog and would lick Daxton's little hand, making him smile even bigger.
I love the progression of pictures below as Kelli gave him loves. 
We also introduced Daxton to a real piano.
He sat and carefully touched the keys, loving the sounds he made.  It was so sweet to see his pudgy hands work up and down the keys.  Hopefully he will stay interested in it, while I give him lessons in a few years! 
We thought it was especially funny how Daxton's curls all of a sudden stood straight up in the dry air.  I forget how humid it is in the bay area, until I go to Wyoming and Utah...wow what a difference!
Dressing extra warm to travel to Great Grandma and Grandpa's house.  We loved the fur hat!
We were so glad that we were able to spend time with Marline and Del (great grandma and grandpa.)  Del has been very sick for awhile now and we were so grateful to be able to spend time with him and send him our love.  We couldn't get too close since his immune system is pretty much nonexistent with the cancer treatments he is on, but we were able to have a wonderful visit.  Our prayers are with him and grandma at this time, hoping that he will have some relief from all the pain he is constantly feeling.
We love you, grandpa, and are so glad that we were able to see you. 
Daxton was quite the helper while we were making Thanksgiving preparations the day before.  He sat in this high chair totally content with a cold container of cool whip and watching us prepare pie crusts and cheese cakes.  What a sweetheart!
Thanksgiving morning, Dallas' little sister, Ashleigh, and her husband, Robbie, and their daughter, Brynnlee, arrived.  Daxton immediately loved getting to know his cousin and getting snuggles from his auntie.

Giving Brynnlee sweet kisses 

Brynn wasn't too happy with Daxton wanting to play with her pacifier...
What a happy grandpa!
Ashleigh is absolutely gorgeous!
Daxton fell in love with his auntie right away and loved all the extra snuggles.  If only we all lived closer to be able to see each other more often!
Loving his auntie!

While we were waiting for the finishing touches on dinner, we snuck outside to try and get some quick family pictures.  It was REALLY cold and Daxton's little nose quickly turned rosy red in the process.
Such a smiley little guy!
I can't even begin to say how grateful I am for these two.  Dallas is the most amazing thing that has ever happened in my life and I can NEVER thank him enough for blessing me with little Daxton.  I am truly one of the luckiest and feel unbelievably blessed in so many ways.

Our happy family
We had such a great time visiting family and celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday.  We are so blessed to be surrounded by so much love.

Happy Thanksgiving!! 

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