Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Bluefoot Pirate Adventure with the Shumate Family (February 2016)

I remember the very first boat ride Dallas and I took on the Intercoastal waterway in Fort Lauderdale.  It was our anniversary/house hunting weekend in June of 2013.  Before we caught out flight back to San Francisco, we decided to take a river cruise to see the views of all the waterways in Fort Lauderdale.  It was a gorgeous cruise with row after row of beautiful mansions and vegetation.  I also got my first glimpse of the Bluefoot Pirate Adventure that day.  In the distance we were able to watch a pirate ship full of families with children dressed in costume, shooting water cannons and laughing hysterically.  Dallas and I immediately turned to each other and promised we would take Daxton on that pirate ship when we moved to Florida.

Almost three years later, we were super excited when our friends, the Shumate's, asked us if we wanted to join them on a pirate adventure.  We knew Daxton and his buddy Jack would have a blast together so we immediately said yes!

We all met up at the marina in fort lauderdale where the kids got to pick out their costumes, meet our pirate captain, and hear some adventurous tales as we waited for all the passengers to arrive.  Daxton immediately got into character and fell in love with his new sword, eye patch, and bandana.

They also had face painting available, but Dax took one look and refused.  We were fine with that since he probably would have sweat off the pain in a matter of minutes anyway.

Little baby Henry was not the biggest fan of his pirate eye patch!
When we boarded the pirate ship and set sail, all the kids were able to hoist the pirate flag.  Daxton loved being able to pull the rope.

Our pirate ship was more of a pirate cruise since we stayed in the waterways of Fort Lauderdale and not the open ocean.  It made for a very relaxing and fun couple hours.  We had a blast, as usual, with the Shumate's and found many opportunities to burst into laughter.  We sure love them!

Some of the beautiful views along the pirate crusie.

While cruising through the waterways, the kids were able to play limbo to fun music and listen to pirate stories.  When we got out into the Intercoastal waterway a small quick motor boat started circling our pirate ship.  On the small motor boat was a "mean ol' pirate" who wanted to steal our treasure.  The kids were then able to grab a water cannon and take aim at the pirate as he zipped by.  Dax and Jack loved sharing a cannon and laughed hysterically every time they squirted the guy with water.

I LOVE their expressions in the pictures below!

Such a fun time!

The boys had such a great time looking over the side for animals and fish.  They also had a blast pretending they were members of the Imperial army shooting from their Thai fighters...everything seems to circle back to Star Wars.

Shooting their water cannons at the "scurvy scallywag!"

Daxton's facial expression says it all!
They had such a great time!

After a very fun couple of hours, each of the kids earned their own golden treasure (chocolate coins).  Daxton and Jack both had such a great time.  We would definitely love to do the Bluefoot Pirate Adventure again!

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