Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Day to Day in February (2016)

Wow this was a fun month to look back through!
Although I have to admit, it made me miss SO many of my dear friends that have since moved.  Can't believe these fun memories were already a year ago...time moves too quickly that's for sure!

Highlights from February 2016...
Some of the BEST highlights include these two perfect angels, Miles and Cole.  February was the first month that I got to meet and snuggle them both.  It's crazy to look back at how little they were.  I'm beyond grateful for my friendship with Jessica and loved being able to make weekly visits to snuggle and help with these perfect little babes.

Hours upon hours of newborn snuggles...it was literally my heaven!

We also LOVED spending time with Jessica's older set of twins, Ethan and Janie.  Our weekly visits to help with Miles and Cole quickly turned into Daxton's favorite activity of the week, because that meant he got to play with his new buddies Ethan and Janie.  They quickly formed a sweet friendship that has greatly strengthened over time.  I love how well they all treat each other and get along.  It melts my heart seeing them all together.

For one of our adventures we took Ethan and Janie to Gumbo Limbo with us.  The kids had a blast climbing on all the turtle statues, looking in all the different tanks, running up and down the boardwalks, and asking every question they could possibly think of to all the volunteers.  Simply put, it was a great day! 

They loved watching the turtles in the rehabilitation tanks.  They also got the chance to touch a lobster...well Janie was the only one brave enough to actually touch it :)

Other fun highlights from February 2016...
LOTS of fun swim playdates with buddies.
Trying out the monkey bars for the first time and upgrading to a bigger better carseat.

Fun shopping outings to Target and working on dressing himself, although Dax preferred inside out and backwards...

We had our first SUPER fun outing to Little Javas with our buddies.  Dax, Dean, Olive, and Max loved running from bounce house to bounce house.  They also loved shooting the air cannons at each other.

Preschool also continued to be a BLAST!
These cuties had so much fun together
(L to R in bottom pics) Joey, Dax, Dean, Emily, Levi, and Julian

I taught the week of Valentine's Day, but my letter to focus on was U.  So I spent the first day of preschool focusing on U and the second day of preschool focusing on Valentine festivities.  I had such a blast planning out all these activities and the kids did so well.  I miss having a little group of kids to teach!

Our U pictures made from paint and pompoms.  The kids used paperclips to grab the pompoms and then dipped them into different colors of paint.  Then they dabbed the page to make colorful spots.  Daxton solely wanted to use pink and refused to mix any of the other colors.

For carpet time we used the book Great Day for Up where we found all the words that started with the letter U.  We also brainstormed other U words and then let each of the kids circle them on the white board.

For some of our Valentine activities, we worked on our fine motor skills by stringing fruit loops onto pipe cleaners to make heart shaped bird feeders...the kids loved being able to eat the fruit loops while stringing.

We also read the super cute book Love Monster and made cute little tissue paper love monsters of our own.  They all turned out so adorable!

We also made cute love letters to their parents and water color hearts from coffee filters.

For math we focused on patterns while using fun pink and red hearts.

Other highlights from February were fun babysitting swaps with the Steinkopf family.  Daxton and Olive continued their love of dress ups and Star Wars.  Dax also loved being able to put his first plant with our neighbor Luigi.  He couldn't believe he got to take care of his very own plant! 

Kimberly taught an AWESOME week of preschool where their focus was the letter V and their theme was camping and outdoors.  She created a super fun campfire where they roasted smores, built lanterns, studied animal tracks, created volcanos, and played a volcano game on the trampoline.  Dax talked about it for weeks!

At the end of February, Dax had quite the array of art projects from preschool to display.  He was pretty proud of himself, as were we!

Other fun highlights from the month included baking pancakes with daddy, play dough creations, playing games, falling asleep while watching the iPad, and building a temple with Olive.

Dax was also SUPER excited to get a fun Valentine's package from Grandpa and Grandma Adams.  He couldn't believe his new Star Wars book made sounds!

I also had a great girls night out with Monica and Jeni where we ate our weight in Sushi and then hit a movie in the reclining theater.  Holy cow, do I love these girls!

We also organized Daxton's costumes, which meant he could actually find them and put them on...all the time.  He wore his Buzz costume for an entire day, gloves included!

Our park group also put on an awesome Valentine's party.  The kids all brought mailboxes and valentines for each of their buddies.  After delivering their treats, we had a potluck of cookies, cupcakes, and other yummy treats while the kids played in the park.  It was a great morning with buddies.

Dean and Dax sneaking more cookies!

The whole adorable group

Our preschool group also met at the park for several play dates.  Arianne was awesome and brought their jeep for one of the play dates and each of the kids took turns riding/driving.  I loved watching them all play so well together.

Dallas had to travel quite a bit that month, but we made the most of it with silly face time calls.  I love their sweet relationship!  They were pretending to cry because they missed each other so much...and then it turned to Daxton wanting daddy to smell his stinky toes...

February was also the month of Daxton's buddy, Dean, to turn 4.  Arianne and Tom put on a super cute airplane themed party where they played pin the propeller on the plane, musical chairs, and made airplanes.  Daxton had so much fun and loved being able to celebrate Dean's big day.

The highlight for Dallas and I was attending a "killer" murder mystery party put on by the Flacks.  They always go all out and it, of course, was a huge hit.  Heather Ashby was so sweet to host it at her place along the waterfront in Fort Lauderdale, so the setting couldn't have been better.

Couples Pics!
Kimberly and Derek, Lauren and Bridger

April and Robert
and also Robert and Bridger :)

Monica and Ivan, Arianne and Tom

Brian and Jeni, Dallas and I (my character was an african witch doctor, while Dallas was a businessman...a real stretch for him!)

Our whole group!

It was such a fun night and the perfect way to close out February!  We've been so blessed throughout the years to have met such amazing people and created such meaningful friendships.  We are truly grateful for them all.

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