Saturday, March 18, 2017

Magic Kingdom with the Stoker Family (January 2016)

One of the awesome benefits of being Disney World annual pass holders is when you get a last minute phone call from your besties living in north Florida, you can easily hop in your car and meet them in Orlando in no time.
We were so excited to get a call from Robbie and Kate asking us to join them at Disney for the weekend.  We love them so much and love any excuse to see them when at all possible.  Dallas and Robbie served a mission together many years ago and have been great friends ever since.  The best part, though, is that I absolutely adore Robbie's wife, Kate, and Daxton loves their boys, Tommy and Drue.  Such a great family!

Family pic at the entrance to Magic Kingdom

We were also able to snap one in front of the train.

I have to admit that we have been pretty spoiled with the weather in Florida, so when cold temperatures actually roll in, we can hardly handle it!  The temps this weekend dropped into the high 40s and low 50s and we were legitimately COLD!  Kate was amazing, as usual, and brought gloves, hand warmers, scarves, and even quilts for us to use at the parks.  Basically she saved us!

When we got to the park we all got free "Family Reunion" pins which we thought were pretty perfect for our weekend together.
Here are some of the highlights from our day at Magic Kingdom together...

Hanging out in front of the castle to catch the show.

Nothing's better than hugs and snuggles from daddy!

These two absolutely melt my heart!

The kids loved watching all their favorite characters perform.

The boys miraculously spun to their hearts content on the tea cups and somehow no one threw up.

Our whole crazy group!

Having a blast on "It's A Small World"
While everyone else rode Thunder Mountain Railroad, I cuddled up under two different quilts to try and stay warm...I was quite pathetic.

One of our absolute favorites...
riding on Seven Dwarves Mine Train!

It was such a great day with the Stoker family.  Disney is pretty magical, but Disney with friends is even better!

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