Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Bryan's Family Comes for a Visit: Hollywood Beach (February 2016)

February was a pretty big month for our little family.
The biggest change being for Dallas.
Our church ward/congregation split and Dallas was called to be the branch president of the newly formed Sunrise branch.  I can't believe it's already been a year since he was called.  We have grown so much as a family unit and have been blessed immensely for Dallas's service over the past year.  It hasn't been easy and we have missed sitting by him at church and seeing him on Sundays.  But it's been incredible to see the Lord's blessings in our lives.
On the Sunday that Dallas was called and set apart, we were super excited to have my older brother, Bryan, and his family in town visiting.  They had just gotten back from a Disney cruise and were able to spend a couple days with us before flying home.  It was such a blessing to have them with us on that special Sunday.  They even helped out a ton with Heather and Max both taking turns playing piano for Sacrament meeting and primary.  After church we got some pictures under the gorgeous oak trees covered in spanish moss surrounding our church parking lot.

(L)Bryan, Dax, and I 
(R)Max, Sadie, Natalie, Katrina, and Dax

We had SO much fun with our family while they were here!
Daxton immediately lived up every second he could with his cousins.  This kid REALLY needs a sibling, because he thrives on interacting with others.  He loved wrestling with his cousin Max who was such a trooper to let a crazy three year old climb all over him!

Natalie, Katrina, and Sadie showed Daxton the art of playing with playdough.  Daxton was in awe of all the different creations the girls came up with!

The next day, we decided to go on a fun adventure down in Hollywood (about 20 minutes south.)  We wanted to do some kayaking through the mangroves but were very sad to find out that the kayaks weren't open that day.  The kids had fun exploring the boardwalk and boat docks anyway.

Daxton was pretty happy when we found out we couldn't kayak.  He was pretty nervous about being on it if it tipped.  He still hasn't gone kayaking and he's lived near water his entire life...

We decided to head to Hollywood Beach since the kayaks didn't work out and we had a BLAST!  I was surprised by the size of the waves that day, but the older kids loved it.  We ended up bringing a couple boogie boards which Max and Natalie got pretty good at.  We played for a few hours and relaxed in the sun and sand.

These pictures below absolutely melt my heart!
Dax looks right at home with their family, just like he's another one of their siblings.  He loves his cousins, aunts, and uncles so much!

The kids LOVED the boogie boards!
Great photobomb by Max in the bottom pic

Taking turns on the boogie boards
I love Natalie's facial expression!

Bryan and Katrina had a blast playing in the waves.  I still can't believe how big they were that day!

Katrina is quite the gymnast!  Her cartwheels and splits are definitely on point!

Heather and Sadie are so adorable in the pic below

Along with swimming, boogie boarding, and relaxing, we also had a blast building sand castles.  Dax spent hours playing in the sand and creating all sorts of things with daddy and cousins.

When the waves calmed down a bit, Bryan and Dallas took Sadie and Dax out on the boogie boards.  It turned into more of them pulling the kids along the shoreline as opposed to boogie boarding the waves, but the kids had a blast regardless.

Then Dallas decided to give Daxton his first surf lesson.
It was pretty cute to see Dax try to balance on top of the boogie board.  He felt pretty proud of himself and didn't mind falling off every foot or two.

Such cute little surfers!

These pics melt my heart!
I love Daxton's little surfer stance.
He LOVES his daddy so much and loves every minute he gets to spend with him.  Their friendship and love for each other is so sweet.

Our whole group sending our love back to Grandpa and Grandma Adams and all our aunts, uncles, and cousins.

After a few hours playing in the water and sand, we were ready for some yummy food.  We packed everything up and made our way to the Hollywood Beach boardwalk area and our favorite restaurant, the Taco Spot.  While we waited for a table the kids people watched and played in more sand.

We were able to sit right on the boardwalk where we could watch all the different people walk by and hear the ocean waves.  The taco spot gave us super fun waxi sticks for the kids to play with while we were waiting for our food.  We ate the yummiest carnitas tacos, cilantro lime grilled corn, black beans, and rice.  Our tummies were very happy!

After dinner the kids had to get ice cream cones.
It was pretty funny to see how fast they had to eat them in order to beat the melting heat!  As you can see in the pics on the right...most of Daxton's cone and sprinkles ended up on the ground.
It was a perfect day with family!

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