Saturday, March 18, 2017

Hollywood Studios with Stoker Family (January 2016)

Our fun with the Stoker family continued the following day at Hollywood Studios.  Once again Kate saved us with gloves, hand warmers, and scarves.  That girl is prepared for anything!

I love this crazy family of mine!

We started out our day visiting Star Tours and getting immersed in all things Star Wars.  The kids had a blast watching the Jedi Training and were super excited to see Darth Vader make an appearance.

Our next stop was the Frozen show.  I was super excited because we'd never seen the show before.  We had front row seats and loved every minute of it, especially the snow falling from the ceiling.

We also had a blast checking out Mickey's Dance Party located next to the Rockin' Rollercoaster.  The kids loved being able to meet and dance with all the different characters.

Meeting Chip

These cute little goofballs became fast friends.
Drue made Daxton laugh like crazy with all his silly faces.

Next generation mission companions
Love these sweet boys so much!

Our absolute favorite part of the day though was checking out the Star Wars launch bay.  The kids loved trading with the Jawa, looking at all the cool star wars paraphernalia, and the highlight was meeting Darth Vader!  It was a pure mix of stunned awe and excitement. 

Our whole gang with Darth Vader himself

This kid was beyond excited to ride on the speeder.  He talked about it for days after.  I love his excitement and joy.

We also had a blast riding on Toy Story Mania, watching the Indiana Jones show, and eating yummy food.  It was a pretty great day for sure!

I LOVE this pic taken on Rockin Rollercoaster!

These guys have been buddies for 16 years now.
I love how much their friendship means to Dallas.
I love that our families have such a great time together and can keep that friendship going.
We love the Stoker family!

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