Saturday, March 18, 2017

Day to Day in January (2016)

I figure maybe someday I will get caught up on this blog, so I'll slowly plug away...I've realized it's actually a lot of fun to look back on so many fun memories, so playing catch up is just fine :)

Here are some of the highlights from January 2016...

With the new year brought a big change for Daxton at church; He moved up from nursery to primary!  He was pretty excited to join the big kids until he found out there weren't any toys or snack time and that he had to sit in a seat and listen.

The big boy before church

First time in primary as a Sunbeam!!

He was so excited to do the activity "Hold to the Rod" with the big kids.  It helped his adjustment to have mommy in the primary with him.  I've loved the opportunity to watch him grow and learn in the Gospel.  He's such a sweet boy and I love hearing all the many questions he has.

Other highlights from January...
On a frustrating note, there were some big storms that came through in January and we quickly found out that our roof that we thought we had fixed in the summer, still had a leak...a rather large leak.  After lots of soaked towels and a few dollars later, our leak was finally fixed...again.

Some fun things from our day to day...
Daxton playing with his HUGE overhaul from going to Disney World with his grandparents

Laundry, swim lessons, grocery shopping, stickers, and playing with tools

The most exciting thing was this...
Daxton got his very own letter from Grandpa and Grandma!
He could not contain his excitement when he looked in the mailbox and saw his name on the envelope.

We also enjoyed a fun playdate at the park with his buddies, Olive and Emily.

Daxton also worked really hard on his schoolwork.  He started practicing tracing and letter work.  I love his super concentrated look and furrowed brows in the bottom right pic.

To top off January, we spent a really fun day at the Zoo in Miami with our buddies, Monica, Emily, and Arianne.  We rented a surrey bike and somehow all squeezed on, including our strollers on the roof!

The kids loved riding in the front, except for Daxton who absolutely refused because he was a "big boy now."  He was pretty proud that he got to sit on the big person seat even though his legs couldn't stretch to the pedals.

Our favorite was definitely the giraffe feeding.
The kids took turns feeding them lettuce by hand and they all loved every minute of it!

Group Giraffe picture

More zoo fun...
lizards, snakes, and lots of Koi fish

Everyone also loved climbing on all the different sculptures and toys.  They also loved watching the spotted eagle ray.

These three best little buddies melt my heart!
Daxton has been so blessed with the most amazing friends...
me too.
January 2016 was definitely a pretty good month!

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