Thursday, November 8, 2012

Flashback Friday: Flour Game

Tomorrow's going to be crazy, so I thought I would post this today instead...

I'll admit...
After my last Flashback friday with Eric and Dave, I started to feel nostalgic for those "Dev Days."  So I figured I would post another quick memory from our crazy adventures together.  This took place during July of 2005.  Eric had come to Provo for another visit so we got some of our old gang together: Mikey, JT, Stirling, Brittney, Ryan, Eric, and myself.  We had spent most of the evening out, but didn't want to call it a night so we ended up back at one of our apartments (from the pictures, I can't even remember where we were at at this point...)  Eric and Mikey decided that they wanted to teach us all the "Flour Game."  Little did I know how ridiculously messy it would be...

You start with a bag of flour, a tall kitchen glass, one penny, and a butter knife.  Fill the glass with flour, making sure to compact it tightly to the rim.  Using the "sand castle" technique, tip the glass upside down so the formed flour stands freely on the table.  Place the penny on top of the flour tower.
Then, going in a circle, everyone takes a turn by slicing a long strip in the flour with the butter knife.  (It reminded me of the game Jenga, how each player takes a piece of the puzzle away to make the structure more and more unstable.)
 You can cut away large or small amounts of flour as long as you don't let the penny fall.  If on your turn the penny or tower falls, you have to dig the penny out using only your gets pretty messy!
 After picking up the penny with your teeth, you play the game all over again.  I guess the winner is whoever is the cleanest by the end of the evening...but we ended up getting into a flour fight so I'm not sure if there even was a winner that night.  All I know is I came home looking like a dusty cloud, but having had a fabulous time as always.


  1. That looks like so much fun! I love seeing Mike in the pictures!

  2. Haha, that looks hilarious, I've never seen that. I may be trying this out sometime...I love Brittney's face! Wow, her hair is so short. Eric and Stormy look awesome in Foy's picture too.

  3. Hahaha! Totally forgot about this! Oh those were some awesome times... thanks for posting this! It was so fun to read!


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