Friday, November 2, 2012

Flashback Friday: Twine and Tubes

This Flashback Friday is dedicated to my buddies Eric Foy and Dave Adams; two of the most hilarious, laid-back, and loyal guy friends from my college years.  Both Eric and Dave had come into town for our good friends, Alex and Jill's, wedding and were crashing at my place for a few days.  Since it was my summer break from teaching, I had all the time in the world to cater to their crazy ideas and I have to admit, I loved every minute of it!  One day they decided we should go tubing up Provo Canyon, so we rented tubes from the BYU recreation department.  The only catch was I drove a SMALL Ford Escort.  This wasn't going to deter us from having our adventure though, so before I knew it, my car was decked out with tangle upon tangle of twine.  It was pretty impressive to see them knot everything into place, stacking them several layers high on the roof of my car.  It was even more impressive to see them hang their bodies out the window to save them as it all started to come undone while I drove up the canyon.  I wish we could have gotten a picture of that!   

I love how these pictures make me laugh, just thinking about this memory.  I had a lot of REALLY fun times with those guys!  I sure do miss them.


  1. I always love these kind of flashback fridays. Sometimes our 198th days seem surreal to me, like it's a different life somehow?! We didn't have facebook in those days to network, but we were sure connected in that ward! We barely had cell phones then. Course this is technically after all that, but still. Oh, how sweet the memories! Love, love, love you.

  2. Hahah love this post and miss you like crazy! I agree with Carol...those days did seem like a totally different life!


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