Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Adams Family Visits for the Holidays: Disney World's Animal Kingdom (January 2016)

Our last adventure up in Orlando while my family was in town visiting last Christmas break, took place at Disney's Animal Kingdom.  We had spent an incredible week doing all the Disney parks together and we ended with one of our favorites.

We loved the Christmas decorations at the entrance to Animal Kingdom.

Daxton and Daddy having a blast riding the triceratops spin.

We loved all the details throughout the park.  There are so many fun things to play on and explore as you're getting from one area to another.

Riding Everest was the highlight for all of us.  It was pretty funny to watch all the different reactions from my family members as they went down the massive drop.  I wish I could have seen mom and dad react to the backwards section of the roller coaster 😂

Stuart was a little nervous...

I'm SO glad I had my real camera with us this day to capture Bradley, Mom and Dad's reactions.  I had it zoomed in and set to super fast sports mode, so I caught it all from the top of the drop to where they zipped past us!  I don't think their mouths closed the entire fall!  So hilarious😂
Their facial expressions are priceless!

It took a few minutes for every one to calm down after Everest.  We then took our time exploring the rest of the park and visiting all the different animal enclosures.

Family picture in front of the tree of life

Dax had so much fun running around with Daddy, Grandpa, and Uncle Bradley.  He loved all the different animals and extra attention from anyone who would give it to him.  He's quite the ham!

Another amazing encounter with our buddy the hippo.
We loved all the colorful fish in the hippo tank.

We saw several large silverbacks on the gorilla trek.

One of our absolute favorites was the production of Lion King.  We had all seen and loved the broadway version in New York and loved the 30 minute condensed show with similar costumes and just as amazing voices as well.  We had great seats on the front row and sang along the entire show.  It was so much fun!

Our last adventure was going on the Animal safari.  We were in the back two rows of the jeep and had so much fun looking for all the different animals.  They were all pretty active that day, so we saw a ton.

Leaving for our safari

Just a few of the amazing animals we saw...
Komodo dragon, bats, Okapi, crocodiles

The safari was awesome and we saw lots of active giraffe, hyena, rhino, zebra, wildebeest, flamingos, and elephants.

We were so excited that we got to see a mommy rhino and her baby!  The baby even followed along the jeep for awhile and than crossed behind it.  It was so much fun to see such incredible animals up close.

It may have been the time of day or the rocking motion of the jeep on the bumpy roads, but this little man fell right asleep in Daddy's arms.  It was so sweet, but crazy to realize he's grown so long it's hard to even hold him in our arms!

Our week at Disney could not have gone smoother which I was SO grateful for.  Visiting Disney the week after Christmas is always the most crowded time to go and yet we timed it perfectly to do everything we wanted.  We had such a great time together as a family!  Perfect second week of adventures for our holiday break last year.

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