Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Miami Zoo with Monica and Jeni (November 2016)

We love Zoo Miami!
We always have so much fun exploring the large enclosures and seeing all the different animals.  It's even more fun with friends.  Last November we decided to have a fun outing with friends down at Zoo Miami.  Since the zoo is massive, we figured it would be fun to rent a surrey bike for all of us to get around.  It was pretty cute to see the girls sitting in the front basket.

Here are just a few of our highlights...

Looking at river otters, lions, and silly kiddos

The kids LOVED the giraffe feeding!
Every time one of their tongues stretched out to grab the lettuce, Dax would giggle loudly.  It was so much fun to see how much he loved the giraffes.

We tried to get a picture of all three kids together with the giraffes and this was about as good as we could get...like herding a bunch of cats :)
We also made sure to make a long stop at the splash pad while we ate lunch so the kids could eat and cool off at the same time.  I love the pic of Dax in the bottom, he loved being big enough to sit on one of the benches instead of in the front baskets.
After we ate lunch at the splash pad, Monica needed to head home so Claire could take a nap.  Jeni and I decided to stay a little longer at the zoo.  We loved exploring the Amazon areas and the kids loved climbing on everything they could find.

Checking out the alligators and jaguars

The kids loved interacting with the spotted eagle ray.  Olive even kissed it through the glass as it swam by!

Their favorite were the river otters!
The otters were so active and played around the glass with Olive and Dax for a long time.  Listening to the kids giggle loudly as the otters played was worth the trip for sure!  I love these two sweet buddies.

We finished up our zoo visit by exploring the petting zoo and climbing on all the animal sculptures along the way.  These two were unbelievably adorable!  My all time favorite picture I've taken of these two is the bottom left :)
Absolutely amazing!
Such a fun day with friends exploring Zoo Miami

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