Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Adams Family Visits for the Holidays: Christmas at Lauderdale by the Sea (December 2015)

Last Christmas part of my family was able to spend the holidays with us in Florida.  We thought the perfect activity to do on Christmas Day would be going to the beach...something we'd never get to do back home on Christmas Day!
One of my favorite beaches in the area is Lauderdale By the Sea, mostly because there are lots of cute shops and yummy places to eat along the beach front and it's safe and clean.  I had no clue how crowded it would actually be on Christmas day!  The weather was nice, but since there had recently been a storm surge the previous day, the beach was covered in some sea weed.  I know that I've become purely snobby when it comes to beach conditions, but I wasn't too happy with how the beach looked Christmas day.
Still we had a lot of fun and my brothers and dad didn't mind the cooler low 70 temps of the ocean water.  It was a great relaxing way to spend a few hours on Christmas day.

We had to take a few pics before setting up camp.

Here are just a few highlights from our adventures at the beach...
Can we just talk about how adorable Gel is at 8 months pregnant!

There were actual waves that day!

The rest of us relaxed and played in the sand.

Ready to jump in!

Having fun in the sand

Dallas and Daxton made the cutest "snowman"
The seaweed worked pretty well for the hair of our snowman, with sea shells and a couple branches for the rest.

Beach snuggles are the best Christmas present ever!

We stayed until the sun started to go down and noticed all the pretty holiday lights turn on.  It was such a great way to spend the day!
We sure love Lauderdale By the Sea!

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