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Adams Family Visits for the Holidays: Everglades Alligator Farm (December 2015)

Our next big adventure continued the following day when we got to drive down and experience the Everglades Alligator Farm.  We've gone to pretty much every airboat ride establishment in south florida and this one is by far our favorite for many reasons.  We couldn't wait to share it with my family!

A quick family pic before entering the park

Inside the park there are a few animal interactions and shows, several animal enclosures, and then of course the airboat ride.  We had a little time to wait for our airboat tour, so we checked out some of the animal enclosures first.  Dax loved sitting next to the anaconda as it swam back and forth in it's tank.  At one point the head of the anaconda came right next to Daxton's face...Dax and I didn't like that as much!

We loved looking at all the different tanks of alligators from all age groups.  They are pretty stinking cute when babies, but those teeth are still very sharp!

So many gators!
We thought it was pretty funny for dad to take a picture with the deceased alligator named Grandpa.  Daxton kept saying, "Grandpa's taking a picture with grandpa!"

After exploring the rest of the park and seeing a TON of gators, it was finally our time for the airboat tour.  I brought along our gopro and waterproof case for our adventure.  I was super excited because we had taken so many fun tours, but while we were on it I kept thinking, "Why is this tour so slow? Usually they go super fast and do tons of turns."  Come to find out, when looking back through the pics on the gopro, there was a guy who stood up the entire ride...of course we couldn't go fast with him standing the entire time!  As you can tell I was a little bugged.
We still ended up having a great time and my family loved it.  The scenery was pretty cool, with several birds, gators, and vegetations for us to look at along the way.

About to board our airboat

Leaving the dock
I love Gel's face...a little excited and a lot nervous 😂

It's so crazy to be out on the sawgrass and glide over the water effortlessly.  It was pretty fun and our guide still did a couple 180s even with the guy standing up in the back.

On our way back we were able to see a couple massive iguanas in the trees.  When we docked we made our way over to the alligator feeding area and stopped to see the emus along the way.

The alligator feeding took place at the large breeding pond so there were tons of massive gators waiting to be fed.  It was pretty crazy to see how close the guy got...luckily there was a fence inbetween him and the gators.  

After our adventures at the alligator farm, we stopped at the amazingly yummy farmers market, Robert is Here.  They serve the most incredible shakes and fresh produce.  You can find pretty much everything there.  As we were waiting in line for our shakes, Dax said, "Mom there's a snake on the fence."  It totally looked fake so I went to look closer and it began to move!  I swear, only in Florida!  The worker who removed it told us that it was a harmless garden snake, but I'm no so sure...
We all enjoyed our yummy shakes while Bradley enjoyed his fried grasshoppers 😳

As we were driving back to the freeway, Dallas slammed on his brakes and pulled over to the side of the road.  He had spotted a local BBQing along the side of the road.  It turned out to be the most amazing BBQ we had ever had!  It was pretty legit with a simply tank grill, food truck, no chairs, etc.  Dallas, my brothers, and Gel were like little kids in a candy store 😂
It was some seriously good BBQ and super messy.  We all ate it up in a matter of minutes using our car trunk as a table.  Dallas said it was the best birthday present we could have ever gotten him.  Dad, in his best OCD manners, waited on the side with wet wipes and napkins to clean everything up!

On our drive home, we made sure to stop at the Fort Lauderdale temple.  We are so blessed to have a temple 20 minutes from where we live!

Such a gorgeous temple and grounds
It was a another fun day full of adventures!

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