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Halloween Festivities (October 2015)

I should stop mentioning how funny it is to be updating from posts that are over a year old, but I really do want to print this into a book someday and my OCD nature will not allow me to post out of order, so for the unforseen future I will be playing catch up :)

We had quite the build up to Halloween last year.  There were so many fun parties and activities going on.  Here are some of the highlights...

Kimberly taught preschool the week leading up to Halloween and the kids had a blast with her!  They even had their own halloween party with games, treats, and costumes.  They loved doing a halloween parade and playing "parachute."

They also did lots of fun math games, built their own pumpkins, and bobbed for apples.

It was SUCH a fun preschool party and Kimberly did an amazing job.  
Here are all the cute kiddos in their costumes...
(L to R) Dean (Iron Man) Levi (mad scientist) Macey (butterfly) Dax (jedi) Joey (captain america) and Julian (Police man)
My heart melts looking at all these sweet faces!

We were also invited to the coolest murder mystery party!
Kimberly and her husband, Derek, threw the most amazing Arabian Nights themed party.  It was Dallas and I's first murder mystery so we didn't know what to expect, but we ended up having a total blast!  Dallas of course got SUPER competitive and sneaky.  He was able to solve the mystery, while I just enjoyed talking with everyone...mixed in with the occasional lie or two :)

A list of the characters and costume ideas...

Everyone did SO well with their costumes!
(L to R) Ivan, Monica, Dallin, and Sara
(L to R) Kirsten, Dallas, Thom, and Arianne

Jeni and Brian
Best costume award went to Jeni!  Holy cow her make up was amazing!  I especially loved the reptile pattern on her cheek.

(L to R) Oliver, Patricia, Ben, and Mari
(L to R) Kimberly, Derek, Alyssa, and Marty

Our whole group...silly pictures!

It was SUCH a fun night!
Huge thanks to Kimberly and Derek for putting it on.  Every detail was thought out, the food was amazing, and the game itself was super fun.
Thanks again!

Another fun halloween activity we went to was put on at the local library.  Daxton, however did not want to join the massive group of kids for story time and activities, so I found a spot where he could still enjoy everything but not have to be in a crowd.  I love this sweet sensitive little man.

We met up with buddies, Brooke and Macey, for the trick or treating and other activities after story time.

On halloween night, Daxton finally got to wear his Buzz Lightyear costume!  Dallas and I tried to find the easiest thing we could to coordinate, which ended up being Mr. & Mrs. Potato head.  Dax was pretty excited :)
We met up with friends at the ward Trunk or Treat party and ended up having a blast, scoring lots of candy and eating yummy doughnuts.

Just a few of our friends and highlights from trunk or treating...
Claire (Minnie), Daxton (Buss Lightyear), Olive (Princess Leia), Molly (kitty), Joey (Wolverine)
Just a few of the fun trunks while trick or treating...
We loved sweet little Blake's parrot costume!

(L to R) Bean Family, Pace Family, Pesoa Family, and Chambers Family

Having fun trying to eat powder doughnuts from a string...he may have just grabbed it a few times :)
Nichols Family and Jack (Chase from Paw Patrol)
(L to R) Jones Family, Calvin and Morgan Nichols, Jack in his Paw Patrol wagon.
After the trunk or treat, we met up with the Shumate family for trick or treating around their neighborhood.  It was so much fun to hang out, but I have to admit, it was a little heartbreaking to see Dax all grown up going from door to door with all the kids...not needing his parents by his side.
Time is moving too quickly!

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