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Disney's "Mickey's Not So Scary Party" (October 2015)

Holy cow does Disney know how to throw a killer party!
I had heard about their halloween party ever since we moved to Florida and I couldn't wait for us to go.  The first couple years living in south Florida we chose not to go, since Daxton was still a bit young.  But while we were up visiting with friends last year, we thought it'd be super fun to go with buddies.  
To be honest, this is where the Star Wars obsession started.  Jeni knew she wanted her daughter Olive to dress up as Princess Leia.  We thought it'd be SUPER cute if Dax went as Luke Skywalker so their costumes would coordinate.  At this point though, Dax had no clue about anything in the Star Wars world...he was solely obsessed with Buzz Lightyear.  So about a month before our trip to Disney World for Halloween I started showing Dax the Lego Star Wars cartoons.  It took one little 20 minute episode to hook this kid...the star wars obsession had started.  He was more than thrilled to go as Luke Skywalker with his princess at his side!

Olive and Dax getting into character before we left our condo.
They could not have been cuter!
I loved all their different jedi poses and moves.

The bottom middle picture is my absolute favorite!
I love all their different facial expressions and how sweet they were with each other.

Daxton's killer jedi moves...obviously he needed to learn which end of the light saber was safe to touch...
Olive's skills were part light saber and part interpretive dance!

Right before entering Magic Kingdom, the kids let us take a few more pictures.  They were pretty patient with our need to document everything!

Jeni and I both dressed up as jedis.  She was so nice to let me borrow one of their family's jedi robes.  She KILLED it with her amazing boots and hairstyle!  Daxton thought she was the coolest for having a light saber battle with him before the party.

Our group shot :)
Dax and Olive were obviously more interested in their light sabers, but at least little Minnie Mouse (Claire) looked at the camera.  Monica and Claire made an adorable duo of Minnie and Figaro.  Let's be honest with ourselves though...it was still so stinking hot and humid (gotta love Florida!)  So within a few minutes my layers started coming off!

The party turned out to be SO much fun!
Dax and I split from the girls for a bit, mainly because he has such different interests.  These trips are about him, not me, so I tried really hard to make sure we were doing things he enjoyed.  Monica and Jeni were so awesome to not get offended or upset when we went off on our own.
We all met some of the fun villain characters located throughout the park (although Dax had no desire for a picture.)  We did a little bit of trick or treating together, and then the girls went back to the castle to view the Halloween show and parade.  I knew the loud noises and scary music of the show (plus the fireworks) would not be his favorite, so we walked around the park, went on tons of rides, and earned two massive bags full of candy from all the trick or treat stations.  Dax also twisted my arm into a yummy dole whip to cool off :)

We found an uncrowded spot in Adventureland to view the parade.  Not being in a big crowd really helped Daxton, although he was still pretty freaked out when the spooky characters came by.  It was such a cool parade, though, so different from Disney's usual parades.  I held Dax for most of it, but we had a lot of fun regardless.

We briefly met up with Jeni and Monica later that evening, but Claire and Olive were both having a hard time, so they ended up heading back to the condo around 10pm.  Dax got some kind of crazy second and third winds, so we ended up staying all the way til the close of the park...not getting home til 1am!  We had such an incredible time together.  There were NO crowds later in the evening, so we literally ran from ride to ride, trick or treating along the way.  At one point I looked down at my little man as he was laughing hysterically and my heart was so full.  What a blessing he is in our lives.  He's my little buddy and I absolutely adore spending time with him.
Next time we are definitely finding a date that works for Daddy to join, because we had such a blast...and let's be honest...everything's more fun with daddy :)

Our group in front of Cinderella's castle
I love these girls so very much!  They've been such incredible friends over the past years.

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