Saturday, August 24, 2013

33rd Birthday

Life has been so insane with the big move that I've found myself getting VERY behind on our blog.  Daxton and I have been staying with my family in Washington while our things are being shipped cross country to Fort Lauderdale where Dallas has already started work.  We are missing him greatly, but have loved this time with family and friends.  I've also been slowly plugging away at editing photos and journaling our adventures while my little guy is asleep.  So pardon the massive update overload over the next day or so.  My goal is to be caught up before seeing Dallas Tuesday morning!

 On July 18th I turned 33 years old.
Just writing 33 makes me laugh out loud.
When did I get so old??
It feels like only yesterday that I was graduating from high school and attending college on my own.  And yet when I look in the mirror, I am baffled at how age is slowly taking hold of me, with a few more grays and wrinkles every year.

This year, with everything going on, my birthday was pretty low-key, which was perfect.  We were in the middle of finishing up paperwork on our new home in Florida, preparing for the big move, and trying to spend as much time with friends and family as possible.  On my actual birthday, I spent the morning playing with my little man (who did not get the memo that it was my birthday...darn teething!) and then spent a very fun afternoon swimming and getting yummy frozen yogurt with my nieces and nephews.  That night Dallas took me out for a fun birthday date night for sushi and a movie.  It really was a perfect day.  That weekend my brother and his family invited us all over for a birthday celebration with yummy food and cake.

Beautiful flowers arrived from my sweet daddy.

Dallas surprised me with one of the sweetest gifts.  He asked several of my friends to write a note to me and then he glued them onto hearts.  I walked into our bedroom to find the wall covered in amazing letters from my friends.  It was such a great idea and I saved every one!  I truly have the most amazing friends.

My girl, Janelle, knows me quite well!
She sent me the absolute best birthday card ever!

After a fun afternoon of swimming at my sister-in-laws community pool with all the nieces and nephews, we decided to head to the yogurt shack for some yummy frozen yogurt.  Rulon wanted to ride with Daxton in the back of the car, but he also loved crawling out of the sun roof once we parked.  He's such a funny character!

Daxton LOVED watching Lincoln!  He knows just how to make Daxton laugh!

Our crazy group of kiddos (minus Will who was being a bit camera shy.)  I sure do love those kids!

 Dallas took me out for Sushi at Nama in Pleasant Hill for our date night.  We got yummy sushi and then headed over to the movie theater where we saw "Red 2" which turned out to be hilarious.

That weekend we headed back over to my brother's place to celebrate my birthday officially with a yummy BBQ and cake. 
While we waited for the food, Olive and I got some snuggling time in.  She's quite the sweetheart, but I find myself distracted with Daxton most of the time, so I loved the one on one time I was able to spend with her.

Erik and Heather have done an amazing job at landscaping their front and back yards.  We had a blast eating at their new outdoor table.  I even got to use the special birthday plate.
Dinner time

 My adorably crazy nephews and niece Lincoln and Will (above) and Rulon and Ellis (below)

It has become a tradition to let the kids decorate my birthday cake.  It is always so much fun to see how many sprinkles they can pour onto the top, although it does tend to make it a bit crunchy.  We decided to let Daxton help with the decorating as well, but as you can see, he was more interested in eating the sprinkles than decorating with them.
 Caught red handed and "red chinned" as well!

To say I love this kids would be a HUGE understatement!
I am so blessed to have such a loving family.

After dinner the kids goofed off while the adults chatted.  It was pretty funny to watch them play dress ups, act out plays, and wrestle with each other.  Heather even taught Daxton how to play airplane, which he loved.

Little Olive had a blast running around as "Mary."

Playing airplane
Heather has quite the strong set of legs!
Overall, it was the perfect way to celebrate my birthday.  Great food and great company!  I love my family so much and feel so blessed to have been able to live so close to them for the past five years.

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