Sunday, August 25, 2013

Heather Farms

Another one of our play dates in July was with our close friends Lisa and Maddie.  Lisa and I thought it would be fun to meet up at Heather Farms in Walnut Creek for a picnic.  It was a gorgeously warm day and we had a blast watching the hundreds of birds throughout the park.

Now that Daxton started walking, the age gap between he and Maddie seemed to lessen greatly.  All of a sudden Daxton was chasing after Maddie and vice versa.  It was pretty fun to watch them explore the park together.  I just wish we could have know what they were thinking!

Daxton loves pushing the stroller around, even if he can't see anywhere he's going.

Maddie is such a girl, carrying her lunchboxes as purses.

We also spent awhile pushing them in their swings.  It was pretty cute to watch them keep their eyes on each other the entire time!

The highlight of the day was Maddie saying goodbye to Daxton.  I LOVE how much she loves him!  Daxton and I are both going to miss Maddie and her sweet personality so much.

Absolutely adore these two together!

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