Sunday, August 25, 2013

Tilden Park Steam Trains and Petting Zoo

Most of June and July were dedicated to making and creating as many fun memories with family and friends as possible before we left the bay area.  One of these fun adventures included riding the steamtrains and feeding the animals at Tilden Park in Berkeley.  There were six of us girls whom all brought our kids for a fun afternoon together.

The whole group waiting for the steamtrain to come.
L to R: Hadley, Michelle, Brooks, Aubrey, Bryson, Greg, Me, Daxton, Annie, Jane, Jules, Kaiden, Jessica (not pictured because they were sleeping in their stroller, Kostya and Val) 

Daxton had just learned to walk and it was all I could do to keep up with this little man!  It's been so much fun to see him grow and become more and more confident with exploring the world around him.

Annie and Jane looking as cute as always, even if she is still in her PJs.

Classic DeMary pose!
Michelle trying to get Brooks to look at the camera while Hadley smiles in the background.

Jules and Kaiden, Aubrey, Bryson and Greg, and Jessica rocking Val while Kostya slept in the stroller.

Loading the train!

Brooks didn't know what to think about the fact that Daxton refused to sit on the benches and only wanted to sit or stand on the ground.

Daxton showed his true stubborn form by not allowing me to touch him while on the train ride.  He didn't want to be held and would only smile if he was standing next to the edge with his face turned towards the wind.  He is becoming quite independent lately and I'm not too happy about that!
 Not happy mom was trying to hold him!

Jules and Kaiden enjoying the ride.

The DeMary family having a blast on the train.

Aubrey, Greg, and Bryson loved the train ride as well.

Annie and Jane, and Jessica, Val, and Kostya

Our whole crazy group in front of the steam train.

After the train ride, we drove over to the petting zoo area and had a picnic before seeing the animals.
Kaiden was trying to crawl off into the wilderness.

Mr. Grouchy pants after only getting a half hour nap...

The petting zoo (Little Farm) had all kinds of different farm animals and equipment for kids to explore.  The boys thought the tractor was pretty cool!

Lined up ready to feed the cows.
The cows loved chomping on celery.

Daxton was not a fan of the loud roosters.

Watching the different chickens, ducks, and geese.
Feeding the cows one last time before leaving.

Annie, Jules, Jessica and I with our kiddos.
It was such a fun adventure!
I've loved being able to spend so much time with my friends and find new things to explore and discover with our kids.

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