Sunday, August 25, 2013

Shadow Cliffs Lake

Mid July we went to Shadow Cliffs Lake with our good friends, the DeMary's and the Cooks.  For some reason Dallas and I were under the wrong impression about what to expect with the swimming situation and had decided that we would simply hang out with our friends instead of swimming.  We didn't even bring our suits...big mistake!  It turned out to be an absolutely gorgeous day and the man-made beach and lake were perfect for swimming.  Daxton wanted to get in the water immediately and luckily I had brought an extra outfit for him incase of an emergency.  We ended up having a blast, though, regardless of our our lack of swimwear!

Our beach set up, complete with the worlds best beach tent I can put up myself in less than 2 minutes (gotta get prepped for Florida after all!)
From L to R: Hadley, Nate, Michelle, Brooks, Kaiden, Jeremy, and Jules

Daxton was a bit unsure at first, especially with how his toes would sink into the wet sand so easily, but he soon got more comfortable.

 Daddy helping Daxton get used to the sand and water.
Daxton getting a bit braver and more curious about his surroundings.
It was pretty funny to watch Daxton get more and more confident with the water.  He kept walking backwards deeper and deeper.  He ended up getting so excited and face planting into the water, which of course really scared him.  Luckily daddy was right there to pick him up.
Before and after shots

Jules brought a floaty for Kaiden, which Daxton fell in love with.  It gave him the security he needed and ended up having a blast in the water the rest of the day.

 A Very Happy Baby!
Such a cheesy grin!

 It was pretty funny to see how relaxed Daxton was.  He would lean back and cross his little ankles underneath the floaty.  He was perfectly content under his little shade.  Takes after his mommy and her love of relaxing in the water!

Since we hadn't planned on swimming we had forgotten the swim diapers.  We ended up going through a couple diapers throughout the day, just full of lake water.  He had quite the cute J-Lo booty, though!

The cute kiddos pausing for the camera.
L to R: Hadley, Brooks, Daxton, and Kaiden
 Daxton loves his buddies!

Taking a laughing break with daddy in the tent.

The Cook Family
Gotta love Kaiden crawling head first into the lake! 

Michelle and her adorable kids, Hadley and Brooks.

Jules got some great snuggle time in with her constantly smiling Kaiden.

Hadley and Kaiden had no fear as they crawled into the lake.

DeMary family bonding

Jules let me come out from behind the camera to play with my little man for a few minutes.  I've found that I am rarely in pictures anymore, since I'm always the one taking them. 

It's always a blast when the DeMary family is involved!
Michelle, Nate, and Brooks had quite the water wrestling match, which was very entertaining for the rest of us watching.

It turned out to be a super fun day.
We have such great friends and have loved making so many fun memories with them.
Obviously our little man was pretty exhausted...he couldn't even finish his cookie!

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