Sunday, August 25, 2013

Last Visit to Daddy's Work

It's been so much fun, over the past few years, to ride BART into San Francisco whenever we wanted to meet up with Dallas while he was at work.  This past year, we've been able to take several trips with our good friends Annie and Jane into the city.  Both of our husbands work in the financial district, so we would ride the train in and meet up with them for lunch.  Our last couple weeks before the move, Daxton and I wanted to visit daddy and his coworkers one last time to say goodbye.  Annie and Jane joined us on our adventure.

We all rode BART into the city and then split up to meet our husbands.  Jane and Daxton were quite unimpressed with BART.

When Daxton and I got to Dallas' office, we were quickly enveloped by everyone wanting to see Daxton's new walking skills.  He was quite the hit and entertained everyone for awhile.  He soon become familiar and confident with his surroundings and had a blast exploring all the different cubicles and offices.  He was especially a hit with the ladies!

Daddy loved showing Daxton his work space with the most incredible views of the city, but Daxton was most excited about the father, like son!

Future accountant

The view of Dallas' building from the Embarcadero.
As excited as Dallas is about this new adventure he is taking, he is going to greatly miss all the friends he has made in the San Francisco PWC office.  He's loved his time there.  It's a good thing this is a job transfer and he will still be able to work with a few of his coworkers, even if it is at a distance.  PWC has been so extremely generous to our family and we've felt so much love being a part of Dallas' extended work family.

After Annie and I visited our husbands for lunch, we met back up at the ferry building.  Since both of our little ones had fallen asleep, we decided to enjoy some yummy gelato before heading back to the east bay.  It's always a fun time with Annie!  What a great friend she's been this past year!

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