Saturday, September 5, 2015

Aaron,Yolanda, Heidi, and Tommy Visit--Last Day at the Beach

The following day we all decided to spend at the beach.  It was Aaron and Yolanda's last day and we wanted to make it count.  The weather was sunny and warm, the water was clear, and the waves quite small which made for a perfect beach day with little ones.  Aaron immediately swam into the deeper waters looking for sea animals while the kids built sand castles and played in the waves.

Daxton loves to RUN!
He ran in and out of the ocean for over an hour, all with the biggest grin on his face.  I sure love my little beach bum toddler!

Daxton and Tommy thought it was pretty funny to jump on Aaron, they were obviously missing their own daddies.

We tried really hard to get a descent picture of these three sillies together, but they were so active!  This was the best we could get...

Our beach set up...
The kids had fun burrying each other in the sand and building sand castles (which they all quickly smashed.)

While running after each other in the sand, Daxton tripped which made Tommy trip as well, since he was following behind him.  Tommy's whole face was covered in sand, yet he was such a cute tears at all!

May favorite of the day was snuggling with my little cutie while drying off from the ocean.  It was the perfect last day with Aaron and Yolanda and the perfect first full day with Heidi and Tommy!  We love having visitors!

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