Saturday, September 5, 2015

Heidi and Tommy Visit--Lion Country Safari

Another fun adventure we had with Heidi and Tommy was at the Lion Country Safari.  It is one of Daxton and I's favorite places to go, since we see something new every time.  We had a blast on the drive-through safari portion of the park.  We let both boys out of their carseats for the drive, since we were going less than 5 miles an hour which they thought was awesome!  They each took turns helping me steer the car, stand out of the moon rood, and point at all the animals they saw. 

So yeah, we technically weren't supposed to open any windows, but we made sure no animals were around first.  Daxton was pretty excited to be able to stand up through the roof!
These little guys were pretty awesome drivers!

The ostriches were super inquisitive that day.  Several of them approached our car and one even picked at the dead bugs on the bumper.  The ostrich came to each of our windows looking inside as well.  The boys were a pretty good mix of excitement and fear at that point.

One of the most exciting things was as we were slowly driving along, a MASSIVE rhino crossed right in front of our car!  It was so interesting to see how these unique animals moved.

At one point as I was watching the rhinos, I looked over and caught Daxton staring at himself in the mirror.  When I asked him what he was doing he said, "I so handsome, mommy!"  I'm afraid we have a bit of a vain little man on our hands!

After we spent about an hour driving through the safari part of the park, we had the boys hop in their strollers to explore the rest of Lion Country Safari.  I loved that Daxton had insisted on wearing his smelly rainbows, batman shirt, and zoo Miami safari hat.  It was the perfect combination for adorable pictures!

The rides are all included in the park admission, so we spent some time hitting up as many as we could.  

Another fun spot was feeding the Lorikeets.  There were several throughout the enclosure, all attracted to either Heidi's smoothie or her sparkly shoes.  It was so funny to watch Tommy back away as his momma was covered in Lorikeets. 

We loved looking at the gorgeous giraffes, but since we had already fed them at the Miami Zoo, we didn't interact with them too long.

Heidi and Tommy had a blast riding on the camel.

The kids also had a blast riding on the train.  Heidi was a trooper and rode with the boys to make sure Tommy didn't fall out.

Last but not least, the kids had a blast playing on and behind all the different signs.  They thought it was pretty silly to have their heads in an alligator's and lion's mouths.
We had such a wonderful time with Heidi and Tommy!
We love them so much and hope they can come back to visit very soon!

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