Saturday, September 5, 2015

Heidi and Tommy Join the Party...Fort Lauderdale Beach Dinner

Summer is over, preschool has started, and life is slowly getting back to a routine (or what we like to consider a routine :)  I'm excited to continue writing of our adventures from the past year.  One of the things I've loved about blogging, usually because I'm always playing catch up, is that I get to reminisce about all the fun things we've been able to experience often with family and friends.  

My last few posts were about our fun adventures with the Taylor family who came down to visit last February.  Aaron, Dallas, and my cousin Greg, were all roommates while working in the Bay Area.  All three of them met Yolanda, Heidi, and I within a few months of each other.  We all dated long distance and were engaged and married within the same year.  It was so much fun to visit on the weekends with these girls, go on group dates, and plan our weddings together.  It was also pretty cool that we all relocated to the east coast for work over the last few years.  

When Heidi found out that Aaron and Yolanda were coming for a visit, she was able to find great flight deals for her and little Tommy to come down as well.  She planned it pretty perfectly so their trips would overlap and we could all hang out together again.  We missed Greg, since he was super busy at work and couldn't fly down for the party.

The afternoon Heidi and Tommy flew in, we picked them up and headed to Fort Lauderdale beach!  We thought it'd be fun to have a pizza dinner as we watched the sunset and played in the calm waves.  And Boy were we right!  We all had a blast and it was the perfect way to welcome Heidi and Tommy to gorgeous south Florida!

Yolanda, Heidi, and I with our little ones.

It was so much fun to introduce the next generation to each other!  

We didn't even get a chance to set up our chairs before Tommy and Daxton were in the water!  They ran down the sandy hill so quickly, before I could get Daxton into his swimsuit.  Both were completely soaked within a few minutes and loving every second of it.

The beach was absolutely pristine!
The waves were crashing far off shore creating the perfect long stretch for the little ones to splash and play.

It took about 5 minutes for Daxton to literally rip off all his clothes.  It was all I could do to keep that soggy diaper covering his bum.  He looks so grown up in the running pictures below!

Dallas had to leave for a business trip that day, so Aaron was our sole male protecter for a couple days.  They're such a cute little family!  I loved snapping a few pictures of Gracie's first experience with the ocean.

Playing and running in the small waves...

Daxton immediately fell in love with Auntie Heidi!

Seriously, what a view!?
I love that this is what a sunset walk on the beach looks like in FEBRUARY in south Florida!
I love where we live!

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