Saturday, September 5, 2015

Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Center and Red Reef Beach

One of our favorite play dates we had in March was visiting the Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Center in Boca Raton.  We met up with several friends to spend the morning learning about sea turtles and other sea animals.  Aubrey and I decided to drive up together, which made Daxton and Ayla super excited to be able to talk and play with each other the whole drive.  While we were waiting for everyone to arrive, Daxton, Ayla, and Olive had fun climbing on the sea turtle statues outside of the entrance.

The rehabilitation center wasn't too big, which made for the perfect quick activity to do with toddlers.  They had several different aquarium tanks for children to observe fresh and salt water animals.    I loved all the different paths and walkways for the kids to explore. Daxton, once again, refused to go anywhere without his safari hat.

They had some pretty cool tanks full of reef and deep sea fish.  Dean and Claire posed perfectly on the ledge, while if you notice the reflection of Daxton... He was more interested in the bolts drilled into the wooden pillars...

After spending a couple hours at the rehabilitation center, Arianne, Aubrey, and I spent the rest of the morning/afternoon at Red Reef Beach across the street.  Dean, Ayla, and Daxton played SO well together!  They shared toys, built sand castles, jumped in and out of the waves, and swam in the ocean.  Because they were so great with each other, us moms got to spend all that time talking and catching up.  It was a perfect afternoon!

I loved being able to snuggle with both baby Max and baby Reef.  The water felt great, the waves were calm, and we were all happy...
It was a pretty great day!

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