Saturday, September 5, 2015


This past March our family had a lot of fun celebrating the Easter Holiday.  It will always be a tender time of year for us, since Dax is our little Easter baby.  We were able to bring him home from the hospital's NICU for the first time on Easter Sunday three years prior.  What a joy to be able to celebrate with friends and family.

This year our friend, Heather, threw a super fun Easter egg hunt at her house in Fort Lauderdale.  She lives right on the New River with a large yard for all the kids to hide their eggs.  It's the perfect location for a great outdoor celebration with friends.

We arrived a few minutes late, so we missed the group picture at the beginning, but we quickly joined in the fun.  Within a few minutes though, Daxton lost interest in searching for eggs and just wanted to eat the candy he had found...
A boy after my own heart

Once all the eggs had been found, several of the kids walked to the front lawn to watch the boats go by as they ate their candy.  Daxton and his best little buddy, Ayla, went to work eating their candy and showing each other what it looked like in their mouths... Kids are so gross sometimes!

The kids had so much fun waving to all the yachts and boats that passed by.  I'm sure the passengers were wondering how a bunch of kids ended up hanging out at one of the riverfront mansions.

Daxton had a blast playing on all the different cars, toys, and scooters around the yard.  He looked so adorable with his hair styled and gelled.

After the Easter egg hunt there was a little birthday party and snacks for all the kids...yes, more candy and treats.  The kids were on quite the sugar high!  Little Claire did not complain at all about the sugar overload.

Hanging out along the waterfront...

I love these couple pictures below!
Daxton and Ayla are such cuties together!  I loved watching their little relationship grow.  They love each other so much and are such cute friends.

On Easter Sunday, we went over to Uncle Jim's and Aunt DeeDee's house for a yummy dinner and another Easter egg hunt.  I made a cake for dessert, since I wanted to practice some things from my cake decorating class.  I think it turned out super cute!  

After dinner, everyone hid the eggs outside for the Easter egg hunt. We had brought over about 50 eggs and they had probably another 50, so needless to say, the back yard was COVERED with colorful candy filled eggs.  When we brought Daxton outside to begin the hunt, he immediately started squealing and running around.  He was so excited!  He ended up filling several baskets before finding them all.

Some of the fun hiding spots...

Not sure where he found the pirate hat, but he was very excited to search for "treasure" and eat all the candy along the way.  He was very excited to reach for the ones balancing in the pool.

Cousin Thomas helped with pointing out all the colorful eggs Daxton missed along the way.  

He wanted so badly to hop in the pool for a swim and even got in up to his waste before he listened and climbed out.

We ended up having to take all his clothes off, because he was drenched.  So the rest of the Easter egg hunt, which continued into the house, was done in only his diaper.  It seemed pretty fitting since he never wears clothes anyway.
We love being able to spend time with the Lovegrens!
They helped make Easter such a special day.  We loved being able to be with family and reflect on the beauty and sacrifice of our Savior.

When we got home from Easter dinner, the Easter bunny had left a special present for Daxton on the doorstep!  He apologized for not being able to drop it off that morning, but this little man didn't seem to mind.  Daxton was SO excited to finally have his own ziggle!  He immediately hopped on it and took to the road to show off his ziggle skills.  
It was a pretty perfect Easter holiday spent with friends and family.

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