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Day to Day in March

Our day to day from March...
March was a busy month for our family, mostly because it was right in the middle of Dallas's most busy time of the year for work. During the week we rarely got to see daddy, so we definitely made the weekends matter!  I found crafts/projects that Dallas and Daxton could work on together Sunday afternoons to make sure they were able to have some quality one on one time.  

Their first project was building the dump truck below from Hobby Lobby.  Daxton had so much fun helping dad use the hammer and screw driver to help put it together.  They were both pretty excited to wake me up from my Sunday afternoon nap to show me their achievement...
Love these two boys of mine!  

Daxton also got obsessed with wiping off the bottoms of his feet.  He would run around the house and about every 5-10 minutes would sit down and clean off the bottoms of his feet with a wet wipe.  He was pretty proud at keeping his toes so clean and I just thought he looked adorable in the process.

We continued our date nights with our dear friends, Adam and Tiffany Bradford.  We decided to take them to Le Tub, an incredible burger place in Hollywood.  We once again spent the entire evening laughing our heads off and eating incredible food.  We love these two more than I could ever express.  They are truly our family here in Florida, even if they had to move to Boca!

Mid march I threw a fun baby shower for my friend, Jodi.  She was having her second little boy, so we had fun playing with mustaches and bowties.  I made a diaper cake and my friend, Monica, decorated cupcakes and made an incredible breakfast casserole.  We had such a fun morning/afternoon eating yummy food, opening presents, and helping Jodi celebrate her little man.
I had a lot of fun decorating!
I love how the light green and yellows turned out!

We had a great group of girls in attendance.
Jeni, Brittney, Kimberly, Carrie, Sarah, Lauren, Monica, Michelle, Arianne, Angie, and Jodi's mom were all able to come.

Some other highlights from March...
We took off the side of Daxton's crib!  He did really well at night, but fell out a few times.  We ended up putting a foot stool next to his bed which helped catch him a few times, but within a few weeks we ended up buying a single bed with a safety rail to help him feel more comfy.  Daxton also LOVED his iPAD time.  We found lots of fun apps, but he mostly liked to watch "his shows."  I have to confess that as long as he was snuggling with me, I didn't mind...

I love this little man!!
He was such a great help with running errands and helping around the house.  He became a major fan of home depot, probably because we spent hours letting him play with every power drill.

We did, however, have our first mishap.  While I was vacuuming and moving furniture around I found this lovely masterpiece behind one of our chairs.  He was more upset with me making him take a picture than he was when I made him clean it up.  Can I just say how amazing Magic Erasers are!?  The crayon came right off the wall and Daxton was able to clean it all himself, which in turn has reminded him that he NEVER wants to color on our walls again.

Another big milestone in March was Daxton finishing his first session of swim lessons.  He had been having private lessons with Coach Nicole for several weeks and was able to be moved up with two of his sweet friends the following session.  The below underwater picture makes me laugh!  It looks nothing like my little man with his orange tinted hair and air filled cheeks.
He was pretty proud of himself, though, when he received his first medal.  This mommy was pretty proud as well!

We also went to a fun St. Patrick's Day party at our friend, Kimberly's, house.  Daxton was pretty funny in a big group and tried to keep to himself as much as possible.  He loved jumping on their trampoline and crawling through their "Leprechaun" tunnel.

At home I had wanted to go all out, but the holiday crept up on me, so we sent him on a short little "treasure" hunt for store bought cupcakes...super low-key and yet this little guy couldn't have been happier.

My favorite part about March was being able to spend so much time with Tiffany "Tiffy" as Daxton calls her.  She helped me sand down two of our nightstands  and give them a whole new paint color.  I love how they turned out!  We just need to get hardware for the outside and they'll be ready.

Daxton and I also had a blast with Tiffy at Red Reef Beach.  Red Reef is located up in Boca Raton near where the Bradford family moved.  It was fun to explore a new beach and enjoy a sunny afternoon together.

The crazy thing was finding TONS of man-o-wars washed up on shores.  Their sting is SUPER painful, even after they've died, so we had to keep a close eye on Daxton.  But this didn't stop us from swimming in the ocean...we were super smart that day!
I can't get over how beautiful their colors were, especially when the light hit them.

These are two of my favorite pictures from the month...
It sums up the beauty that we are surrounded by daily and Daxton's energy and love of life.  We have a pretty blessed life for sure.

More playing in the was such a great day with Tiffy at Red Reef Beach!

The biggest event for March was Daxton's third birthday.
Because I went totally crazy for his second birthday, I thought we'd tone it down for this years'.  It's crazy to look back at this little expressive baby and see how much he's grown over the past few years.  My heart breaks just thinking of how quickly time is flying by and how much he grows each year.  I'm loving watching all his amazing milestones, but a part of me wants to freeze time and keep him my baby forever.

Fresh and snuggly in the hospital NICU

Some of my favorites from his first year...
Gotta love those crazy facial expressions!

He started out his birthday by getting a super fun package from Grandma and Grandpa Adams.  Daxton was so excited to get treats, a Baymax toy, and a Big Hero 6 book.  

For Daxton's birthday, he wanted a Baymax cake, but he couldn't decide between the Baymax with armor or without armor.  So I made them both.  I figured it was a good chance to practice some of the things I was learning from my cake decorating class.  The red was really tricky to mix and even though I used a ton of dye, I still wasn't too happy with the tone.  But besides that, I was pretty happy with how they turned out.

That week was also Tiffy's birthday, so we were able to celebrate with a few families.  We invited our Floridian family over, the Bradfords, Solanos, and Pesoas.  We had a yummy pasta and salad bar, spent the afternoon/evening laughing and playing games, and then celebrated Daxton's and Tiffany's birthdays.

So much yummy food!!

Joey gave Daxton the absolute CUTEST book called, Where Do Diggers Sleep At Night.  Daxton is still obsessed with it to this day!  He has the whole book memorized and reads it every night with daddy.  It was such a perfect birthday gift.

He also got a couple fun water toys from the Bradford family, which Daxton couldn't wait to try out.
Dallas and I got him his first set of wooden blocks cut into all different shapes.  He immediately used them to build ramps for his cars.  It was a pretty great birthday and a great way to finish off the month of March!

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