Saturday, September 5, 2015

Heidi and Tommy Visit--Miami Zoo

The rest of the week was a Girls week with Heidi! 
Dallas was away on a business trip and Greg was stuck at work in Raleigh, so Heidi and I lived it up while spoiling our little guys.  I love this girl so much!  My cousin, Greg, could not have found a better wife.  I love that she's not only family, but a dear friend.

Our first big adventure we decided the boys would love was going to the Miami Zoo.  It's such a massive zoo that the only fun way to get around and see everything in a day is on bikes.  Heidi and I had a blast pedaling the canopy covered bench bike while Daxton and Tommy rode in the front bucket seats.

It was a pretty warm day, so I bought Dax his own safari hat and squirt bottle to keep him cool.  The boys had lots of funning sitting in the front, looking at all the animals, and spraying each other with the mist.

We also got a kick out of feeding the giraffe!  Tommy tried it once and then realized how long and black the giraffe's tongue was and quickly lost interest.

We also loved playing in the different splash pads throughout the zoo.  One of Daxton's favorite things was the shower.  He thought it was so funny to feel the water drip over his face.

Heidi's a pretty awesome Auntie running in and out of the fountain with our boys.  It was prefect since NO ONE was at the zoo, but us!

We loved exploring all the different enclosures and pathways, especially the jaguar.

But above all, the boys' favorite was seeing the giant Tiger relaxing in it's enclosure!  It was such a fun day biking around the zoo, playing in the water, and observing all the amazing animals.

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