Saturday, September 5, 2015

Arts and Crafts with Daddy

I mentioned in my previous post that March is right in the middle of Dallas's busy season.  Since we don't get to see daddy much during his work week, we really tried to make the weekends count. Dallas was such a good sport at spending quality time with us even though he was exhausted after putting in such long hours at work.  I was able to find several fun activities for Daxton and Dallas to do on Sunday afternoons for one on one time.

Some of their favorite projects from March...
After having built this dump truck the previous week, they took a Sunday afternoon to paint it together.  It was pretty funny to see their matching concentrated faces.  Dallas tried to get Daxton to use other colors besides blue and green, but Daxton wouldn't budge.

I loved watching how detailed Daxton was.  He wanted to make sure every inch was covered in paint.

Working hard together!

Of course things quickly turned to painting each other once the truck was mostly finished.  Daxton kept singing, "I have painted nippies!"  He's quite the character for sure!

On another Sunday, Daddy and Daxton built a wooden airplane together.  I found the model at Hobby Lobby and it was pretty sturdy.  Daxton had so much fun helping daddy with the different tools and especially with putting on the wheels.

Love these sweet boys!

For St Patrick's Day, Daxton and I did a fun rainbow craft.  We got the idea from cousin Heidi and it was perfect!  Using Crayola Paint Dabblers, I drew a rainbow outline on a piece of paper.  Then Daxton used different colored paint dabblers to go over each line, creating a beautiful rainbow.  He was pretty proud of his work!

It was a great way to practice colors and Daxton loved feeling independent and successful.

On another Sunday in March, Daddy and Daxton decided to paint their wooden airplane they had made previously.  Once again I LOVED watching them both furrow their brows and concentrate on every detail.  They were especially careful on the propellors.

Once again Daxton chose blue as the main color, but after it dried, Dallas was able to convince him to add yellow stripes on the wings.  I love watching these two interact.  Dallas is Daxton's hero.  I love watching how Daxton lights up the second daddy is around.  We are both so grateful for how hard daddy works throughout the year, even if that means we don't get to see him as much during busy season.  It means so much to us that he would spend what little free time he has deepening his relationships with us and making sure it's quality time.
We love you, daddy!

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