Monday, June 11, 2012

Perkins Visit: Aquarium of the Bay

While the Perkins' were in town we were able to have lots of fun adventures in San Francisco.  Little Brynnlee is at the age where she needs to keep moving, so in order to keep her happy, we did just that.  Each day they were in town visiting we planned for a fun activity, which made for a pretty tired little Daxton by the end of the week, but it was worth it to make such fun memories with Grandma and Grandpa Perkins, Aunt Ashleigh, and Cousin Brynnlee.
Day one was traveling into the city to go to the Aquarium of the Bay.  The Aquarium is located right on Pier 39 (I have previously posted about this on my "Date with Rulon".)  It's nice because it's a reasonable price and not too long, which is perfect for younger kids with shorter attention spans.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE aquariums, so I was so excited to take Daxton to his first aquarium.  I should have known that he would probably just sleep through the whole thing.  In order to document his first experience I ended up placing him in front of each of the shots, pretty much like that Travelocity gnome you see in pictures.  I'm sure he'll grow up to appreciate it someday!
Daxton has so many fun clothes, several outfits sent from Aunt P, so we were so excited to be able to have him wear one of the warmer outfits for the city.  Thanks Aunt P!  Daxton was super stylish for his first time in San Francisco :)
JELLIES!  My favorite at any aquarium :)
Yep, he slept right through them...didn't even try to open his cute little eyes.  I guess they weren't exciting enough for him.

I love this aquarium because it has two large tanks on the bottom level with long tunnels you can walk through.  The first tank is filled with all sorts of fish and sea creatures you would find in the rocky shores and bay.  The second tunnel is filled with fish and sea creatures that live in the deeper waters such as sharks, rays, and larger fish.  Notice Brynns pose up will find it pretty consistently throughout our adventures this week :)
Dallas did not approve of one of the photos below...I'll let you figure out which one, but I thought it was pretty funny and couldn't pass up taking a picture!
The gift shop is perfectly placed at the end of the aquarium so we had a bit of fun with some of the toys.  I know it looks like Daxton is screaming after having seen the octopus, but we caught him in the middle of a yawn.  Pretty classic though!  I'm pretty sure he hated that penguin though.  I'm thinking Grandpa had some fun with him!
It wouldn't be Pier 39 without street performers.  This guitarist was pretty awesome though, playing some great jazz guitar with a killer gray mustache that curled on the ends...classic San Francisco!  It was a perfect first day in the city and our little guy was such a good boy with no crying fits, blow outs, or vomiting...not too bad I'd say!

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  1. Just updated myself on your recent life. Congrats on blessing Daxton! So cute! He's such a cutie. Love how much fun you're having with him. The aquarium looks like a must see if touring SanFran. So fun!


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