Saturday, June 2, 2012

My Two Babies

I mentioned in my mother's day post that I have felt like a mother for several years now.  My first experience at "motherhood" was with my two youngest brothers.  I was 12 when my youngest brother, Bradley was born.  I remember changing diapers, babysitting, feeding him bottles, singing him to sleep...
Some of my favorite memories with my little 'beej' was coming into my room and seeing a breathing lump under my bed covers.  At age 2, he thought he was so clever hiding from me.  When he thought I wasn't looking he would jump out and try to scare me. It really just led to me cuddling with him and reading him stories.
I love those memories, although I'm sure he doesn't remember them.
He was my first little snuggle bug.
Which is why I love this picture so much.
My first little snuggle bug holding my newest little snuggle bug.
Bradley just returned from a two year mission in Brazil.  I'm so proud of him and can't believe how grown up he continues to be.  He's such an incredibly talented young man and I feel honored that I'm his big sister.
I love you, BJ.
Don't you just LOVE their matching facial expressions!?


  1. So great; what a photo to keep. Love it!

  2. K--LOVE The blog!! :) the blessing today was so beautiful! Congratulations!!!!


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