Monday, June 25, 2012

Lessons Learned From My Daddy

I've been thinking a lot of my daddy lately.
I am pretty much a daddy's girl.
I remember my sophomore year of high school when all of my friends were heading to the prom, I was still 15 and not allowed to date.  I thought that my life was ending (in true teenage dramatic fashion!)  My father asked if he could take me on a daddy/daughter weekend instead of me being all sad at home. It turned out to be the best prom I ever had!  My dad took me over to Seattle where we caught a flight down to Los Angeles.  We spent a fun weekend seeing the sites and going to the Broadway production of "Beauty and the Beast."  He turned a situation that could have been a "teenage tragedy" into one of the most incredible memories spent together.

My second top memory with my father would be April of 2003.
I had just finished teaching kindergarten in Auckland, New Zealand and my mom and dad flew down to bring me home.  Before we left back to the states, we decided to fly down to the South Island where we stayed in the fun-filled city of Queenstown.  It was there that I once again realized that I had the most amazing father in the world.  I watched in awe as he stepped right up to the Kawarau Bridge, strapped on the safety harnesses, and then jumped off a ledge for his first bungee experience.  Watching him tackle that fear gave me the strength to literally follow in his footsteps and jump as well.
How many people can say that they have been bungee jumping with their dad!?

So in honor of my amazing father, I am going to share with you some of the highlighted lessons I've learned over the years from him.  It's in looking back over all the incredible memories with my daddy, that I am struck with such gratitude.  Thanks for showing me such patience, understanding, generosity, and unconditional love, pops!

"Education is the great equalizer!"

"When trying to entertain little ones, you can never go wrong with bubbles."

"True camping is best at a Marriott."
"A hot dog is only edible once it's unrecognizable."

"There's nothing more important than family."

"You can never have too many kisses."

"Never miss an opportunity to use a good bathroom."

"Stop dating those doink-heads and start dating someone with a brain."
(A month later I decided to give the sweet accountant a chance.)

"Cherish every moment." 

"It's OK to Cry."

"Four more years." 

"Always be ready to strike a pose."

"Make choices in your life that will always allow you to hold a current temple recommend."
(This picture was taken after going through the temple for my first time.)

"Work hard and then play hard."

"Remember to stop and enjoy the beauty around you."

"Lead by example."

My absolute favorite was watching daddy hold little Daxton for the first time and telling him how much he had prayed for him, not only in the NICU, but to simply join our family in the first place.
"Heartfelt prayers are answered."

There have been so many lessons learned throughout the years; some serious, some humorous.  But all have been valuable and worthwhile!  
I love you so much, daddy.  
Simply put...thank you.

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