Thursday, June 28, 2012

Flashback Friday: Many Faces Wall

Wow, did I have patient roommates while living in Provo!
I lived in the Devonshire apartments for three years and lucked out with some of the most amazing roommates.  I have mentioned before in previous posts how close our apartment complex was.  The people I met while living in "The Dev" are still some of my closest friends.  Those few years together are some of the most cherished memories I have of friendship and love.
It's funny looking back and seeing how crazy our apartment looked.  My roommate, Andrea, is probably one of the most patient and loving people I have ever met.  She put up with all of the craziness that goes into living with the social butterfly that I was.  I've always loved photography; trying to capture memories and freeze them in time.  With this new ward and new friends came all sorts of new and crazy adventures.  And I wanted to document them all!  I had a camera literally attached to me at all times and would go through a roll or two at least every few days.  One day, Andrea and I were feeling exceptionally crazy and began to dress up in crazy outfits for an impromptu photo shoot.  When I got the film developed, we sat back and simply laughed at all our crazy facial expressions.  We decided to hang them on our wall for fun.  After they were all displayed we started to make up sayings/phrases that fit with each picture.  Neighbors would come over and write sayings to post on the wall as well.
One day, when a bunch of people were over hanging out, we had the crazy idea of extending our Many Faces Wall.  Pretty soon we had several people dressed up in crazy outfits ready for their photo shoots.  I can't tell you how many times I came home from a stressful day of classes and sat looking at all the fun faces around the apartment.  It literally brightened my day and made me laugh just looking at how silly all of my friends were.
A few weeks later we decided to extend our wall further to include group dates and road trips.  Since these were taking place at least twice a month, it did not take long before every wall of our apartment was covered from floor to ceiling in pictures!  We left them up for the entire semester, until I left for New Zealand.  I'm sure Andrea was going out of her mind and so happy to finally have white walls again after I left!
What a fun memory though :)
Do you recognize any of the faces below?

 (Below left: Homecoming dance at the Salt Lake City Capitol Building.  Below top right: ward bonfire, bottom right: Dashboard Confessionals concert.)
 (Below right: road trip to Vegas)
 (Below left: road trip to Bryce Canyon.  Below right: road trip to Colorado.)
 (Below left: Group Date--Mission Impossible.  Below right: Group Date--Clue.)

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  1. Oh, this flashback makes me feel so bitterly sweet happy!!! ;) I LOVE that time we had all together. I actually just showed this post to a friend of mine, and she asked where I was, but it didn't matter that I wasn't in those pictures, I spent enough time there with you all I felt a part of it all!! I feel like I frequently talk about our little 'glimpse into eternity' we got there in our little Zion-Dev with all of us Celestial friends! I saw Bishop Williams (and Bishop Miner, a couple bishops before him) at Michelle's reception a couple weeks ago and it was awesome.

    Being with Jillaine, Nicolle & Stacy brought us all back to those days, and it was perfect! Nostalgic--and that happiness the memories bring, but the sort of sadness that we can't ever live like that again. It was a glorious time. I'm so grateful for all of us from 198th, and that we can be happy to still see each other when we can.

    You were a central figure in our ward for sure, how grateful I know we all are because we can call you a friend! Love, love you, you beautiful MOTHER!! ;)

    (Hopefully the next time I make it home, I'll be able to meet this beautiful boy of yours, and see you too of course!)

    [Gosh, that turned long, not surprisingly. Haha.]


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