Saturday, June 16, 2012

Perkins' Visit: Palace of Fine Arts

While the Perkins were in town for Daxton's blessing we decided to spend a day relaxing at the Palace of Fine Arts.  As I've mentioned in previous posts, this is my favorite place in the city.  I absolutely love the Grecian Architecture with it's larger than life columns and arches.  We were excited to be able to show them around and enjoy the perfect sunny weather.

After arriving we walked around and through the grounds trying to find the perfect picnic location.  Our first spot ended up being right in the middle of a wind tunnel, so we found another spot that was shielded behind some columns.  We had quite the set up with two picnic blankets, four beach chairs, and two strollers.  I'm sure it looked like we were going camping, either that or joining the homeless community of San Francisco...
After having a full day before at the Aquarium and the busy week with all the family in town for Daxton's blessing, it was nice to just relax in the sun, eat great food, and hang out together as a family.  Daxton sure loved getting some extra snuggles in, especially with his grandma.
Brynnlee is 15 months old and quite the busy little thing.  I'm not sure how Ashleigh keeps up with her.  She's such a cutie and so much fun to see her little personality develop.  I love the images Dallas was able to capture of her below.  She set up camp in one of the beach chairs and went to town on the crackers and chips.  Needless to say she was pretty darn cute and fun to watch.
I love our little guy!
I love his crazy facial expressions and how he always seems to be deep in thought.  I wish I could know what he was thinking.  I guess in time I will.  I'm so in love with my little family!

 Daxton had a lot of fun getting to know his extended family.  Although, I'm pretty sure he didn't like the sunglasses from the above picture.  It was pretty funny to watch Brynnlee and little Dax interact.  I'm sure Daxton appreciated Grandpa saving him from Brynn's fingers a few times.  I love the picture of them snuggling below.  They're going to have such fun with each other when they're older!

Watching Daxton with his grandpa was so tender.  Dallas is so much like his daddy; so kind hearted and loving.  It was so sweet to see Daxton giving grandpa loves and snuggles.  I wish they lived closer.  Once or twice a year just isn't enough visits!
The proud grandparents
As you can see, Daxton was pretty exhausted after another full day in the city.  Don't you just want to kiss those cheeks!??

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  1. Cute little lips... I remember when you took me here. I love it.


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