Sunday, July 29, 2012

4th of July

This fourth of July was pretty uneventful compared to last year.
Last year we spent the fourth in San Francisco with our cousins, watching the fireworks, eating yummy food, crowd watching, and getting seriously high from second hand smoke.  Needless to say, we weren't quite up to introducing little Daxton to all of the city's craziness, so we chilled at home.
There was a neighborhood BBQ we went to which was a lot of fun, but we ended up heading home after instead of watching the fireworks.  Daxton wasn't in the best spirits, so we figured watching them on TV was a lot easier than trying to soothe a crying baby outside at the park.  I'm sure he'll be super excited for fireworks in a couple years, so we weren't too upset.

We've really loved where we are living right now.
Our block is filled with several young member families whom all love to hang out with each other.  It's been a fun few years of play dates, BBQs, girls nights out, and laughing children in the backyard.  We both feel so blessed to be surrounded by such great friends.

You can see we all dressed up for the celebration...Dallas LOVED how we were all matching!  This is Daxton showing his "Mom, I really think I'm too cool for this BBQ, but I will appease your need to document every moment in my life..." face.

We have the best neighbors.
There are several of us that have either recently had or are expecting babies this year, which has been great company, especially since I constantly have questions about EVERYTHING concerning parenthood.  Daxton's going to have lots of little buddies to play with when he gets a little older!

It's pretty funny to watch Daxton's facial expressions.  I swear he really is a pleasant baby; I guess he just finds BBQs to be on the boring side.  Not too many smiles from this kiddo, but I can't complain.  Instead of crying, he usually just falls asleep.
 Jeremy and Jules are expecting their first little guy at the beginning of September.  We are already planning on having bff babies.  Only Jules would look this good pregnant!
Little Brookes was quite the sight covered in watermelon and dirt.  It's great to get a glimpse as to what Daxton will be getting into when he gets a bit older.
 Just some of the pregnant bellies in our ward!

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