Sunday, July 29, 2012

Exciting Firsts!

Over the last month, Daxton has reached a few very exciting "firsts"...
He has found his toes!
He spent a good 20 minutes concentrating, staring, grabbing, and moving his toes.  And yes, both Dallas and I laughed and watched in awe each of those 20 minutes.  You can definitely tell we are new and excited parents.

We also got Daxton his very own bath.
Up to this point we had been doing sponge baths, but when we found this little whale bath for the sink, we jumped at the chance to give him his first bath on his own.
Daxton loved every minute of it and couldn't stop kicking and splashing his legs.  He was smiling, cooing, and giggling for most of it, so we got more video than pictures.
 He's such a modest little guy!

Another accomplishment is perfecting his "after eating stretch and duckbill lips."  It has become quite the routine and I can't help but giggle every time he lets me know he's full.
I sure do love those lips!

Daxton also took his first nap without being swaddled or held.  Probably due to the fact that it was sweltering outside (over 100 degrees) and our apartment was almost unbearable.

Another "first" includes sitting in his new Bumbo seat.
He is loving the independence, but still needs a little help in the sitting position.  He is beginning to slowly reach for objects and is very interested in shiny things (much like his mommy!)

Last but not least...
His first baby cleavage!
I'm sure he will hate this picture when he's older, but how stinkin' cute is this!?

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