Monday, July 30, 2012

Pleasant Hill's Free Concert Series

I love the little city we live in, Pleasant Hill.
I loved teaching at Pleasant Hill Elementary.
I love that it is only a half hour away from San Francisco, so we can still do all the fun stuff there and yet have the suburban feel of our home on the other side of the tunnel.  Pleasant Hill has a fun 'downtown' area with your basic shops, movie theatre, parks, etc.  During the summers the community tries really hard to plan activities to get people involved.  Every summer we've seen signs for the free concert series and have somehow never made it to one.  In the middle of July, we figured it would be a great outing for our family and something easy for little Daxton to do.  Some of our neighbors joined us as well and we ended up having a blast!  The local cover band performed all of Tom Petty's greatest hits and it was hilarious to see the older generation literally dancing at the foot of the stage.  We didn't realize how big the event was going to be, so we got there right as it was starting and ended up having to sit in the very back.  It turned out great though, because it gave room for the kids to run around and it was a little quieter for Daxton to fall asleep.  I guess he's not much of a Tom Petty fan!
 Daxton's already letting us know that he is not too fond of the music.

The park was packed!  We had no clue it was such a huge event for the city.  It was great to see all the people out, dancing, mingling, and having fun on a beautiful summer day.

 I think he's becoming quite the daddy's boy.
They even dress alike most of the time!
(Mommy might plan that, while Dallas is unaware till we are out :)
 Introducing Daxton to little Penelope...
I see quite the budding romance in the future!
Their first dance was to Tom Petty's greatest hits...

 Some crazy faces from our neighborhood kids.  Needless to say everyone had a blast!
 Once Daxton nuzzled into my lap and I covered him with two blankets to block out some of the noise, he slept through the rest of the concert.  Is this really my child!?  I lived at concerts throughout my college years and loved the loud music!  I can't complain though, he was such a great snuggler through it all and everyone knows how much I love his snuggles.
 Me and my little man once the music was over.
I sure do love this guy!

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