Friday, December 6, 2013

Downtown Disney Orlando

After having explored the Florida keys, Fort Lauderdale beaches, and thoroughly spoiled little Daxton, we decided to drive up to Orlando for a few days.  We ended up staying at the Marriott a mile away from the different Disney parks.  After we had checked into our hotel, we decided that it would be fun to check out Downtown Disney.  I love the attention to detail and seasons from Disney.  Everything was decorated with fall decor, building up to Halloween.  It was so much fun to search through all the different shops and fun places to eat.

Daxton is obviously getting less and less patient with being in his stroller.  He wants to get out and play everywhere we are, which I'm usually fine with, unless I want to take a picture :)  
 What I was most excited about was meeting up with my good friend from college, Jamie.  She is from my Devonshire days at BYU and will forever hold a special place in my heart.  It had been years since we had last chatted, let alone seen each other, so it was so incredibly good to see her smiling face!  Daxton and I met up with her for a quick dinner before her softball game, which went by too fast.  I wish we could have spent several more hours catching up!  Hopefully we will have another chance soon.  I love her dearly.

After Jamie left for her game, Daxton and I decided to wander around the lego store while waiting for my parents to arrive.  We were both in awe of the structures created on display.  The talent of some people in this world amazes me!
Woody and Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story

Snow White and her Dwarves

Maleficent as a dragon fighting Prince Philip
(I loved the fire!)

In the lake across from the Lego store was a massive three story high dragon which was absolutely incredible!

After exploring the Lego store we wandered through the World of Disney store which took up several blocks.  They literally had anything you could possible imagine made by Disney.
I found his Halloween costume (a racing suit from Cars 2), a fun golf set, and the most amazing make-it-yourself Mr. Potato station.

After meeting up with my parents and shopping a bit more, we were all pretty tuckered out.  As I was pushing Daxton in the stroller I looked down to see him reaching for Grandpa's hand.  They held hands all the way to the car, which melted this mommy's heart!

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