Friday, December 6, 2013

Playing with Water Table

Life has quickly gotten crazy with things here in south Florida.  I've been working on pictures and posts for a few days now in order to catch up on our fall adventures.  I realize that the normal person would probably forgo the blogging world and start with the current, but I want to make sure that we have our journey documented.  Who knows where life will take us in the future and I want to make sure we can look back on it and have even more clarity of how blessed we've been these past few months.

One of the major things we have enjoyed about living in Florida is the weather.  For the first couple months it was rare if our little man had many clothes on...if any.  We decided to get a water table for Daxton to enjoy throughout the year (thanks to grandma for the best gift ever!)  Daxton has spent hours splashing, dumping, and pouring water all over himself and our backyard.  

Oh the simple joys of a growing toddler!

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