Monday, December 9, 2013

NZ Girls Visit Day Three: Dania Beach

After exploring a bit of Miami, we changed our clothes and headed to the beach.  We didn't want to compete with the "spring breakers" along the Miami coastline, so we drove back up to Dania beach (15 minutes from our house.)  I am still constantly amazed at how warm the water is here.  I am so used to the frigid Pacific.  We set up our beach tent, chairs, blankets, and then headed to the water.

We brought our sand toys, which Mafa Jo and Daxton loved.  They loved shoveling sand in and out of the buckets.
I loved watching the little gestures between our little ones.  So funny to watch babies interact.
Daxton may or may not have eaten some of the sand...

Heather was sweet enough to take some pictures of us swimming in the warm water.  I love the sneaker wave that got us as we were posing for the camera!  Both Daxton and Mafa are total water babies.  Daxton loved putting his face in the water to blow bubbles.  It was funny to watch him lick his lips after and make funny faces as he tasted the salt water.

Views of Dania Beach and pier

For their future wedding album!

We had such a fun day exploring Miami and the beach.  As we were unloading the car, our neighbors bunny ventured down the street for a visit.  Needless to say, Mafa was very determined to catch that bouncing bunny!
We were once again pretty exhausted after another fun-filled day of adventures!

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