Monday, December 9, 2013

NZ Grils Visit Day Two: Butterfly World

It was funny to see some of the differences from our previous adventures together and this years.  We used to stay out super late and then have later mornings before going on our adventures.  Now that there are babies involved, our bedtimes and mornings were MUCH earlier.

Morning story time with Auntie Katy.
We loved watching Mafa and Daxton interact.  Daxton would take little snacks and feed them to Mafa.  Unfortunately he put his cute little chubby fingers a bit too far in her mouth and Mafa ended up chomping down.  She had him in a good lock before we were able to intervene.  No bruises or cuts, but Daxton sure did stay clear of her for the rest of the day!  

Since Dax and I had so much fun at Butterfly World with my parents earlier that week, I figured it would be a great place to take the girls on our second day of adventures.  You can read about different facts and things we learned from our first trip to Butterfly World here 

All of us at the entrance to Butterfly World.

Even though I had only been there a couple days earlier, we saw so many different things.  It was truly an entirely different experience.

Mafa was pretty tuckered out from the heat, humidity, and jet lag.  I loved how she crossed her ankles whenever she slept.

Having fun exploring the butterfly aviaries.

So many gorgeous butterflies!
I can't believe there are over 5,000 live butterflies throughout the park.  Walking through the enclosures was very peaceful.  All of the patrons were quiet to not disturb the numerous butterflies.
Once again, I couldn't help but think of sweet Mara.
Sure do love and miss her.

After visiting the butterflies we wandered through the botanical gardens and passion flower maze.  I was absolutely SHOCKED to find that almost all of the blooming passion flowers I had seen literally two days earlier were gone or withered.  It was very hot that week, but I was shocked to find that much had changed within a couple days.

We also loved the small suspension bridge that led to the gorgeous parrots. 

We all had a blast at the Lorikeet encounter.
Feeding them blended fruit smoothie, Katy loved having them land in her hair and arms.

Auntie Heather was a sweet heart for holding Mafa during the experience, since Mafa was not too thrilled about the colorful birds being so close to her.

When it was my turn I wanted to see if Daxton would get closer to the Lorikeets than the first time with my parents.  He was super excited when they started to land on my arm and hands.  But when he tried to pet them he got nervous when one made a move to jump on his arm.  He did not want any of them landing on him!

Heather also had a lot of fun feeding the Lorikeets.  I love the picture of one landing on her head!  It's always so much fun with Heather around.  She has such a positive outlook on life and is truly an incredible friend.

It was such a fun morning exploring Butterfly World with the girls!

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