Friday, December 6, 2013

Epcot with Grandpa and Grandma

The next day we decided to spend at Epcot Center.  We only had one full day in Orlando before we were to leave on our cruise (yes, my parents took Daxton and I on a Disney cruise...they thoroughly spoiled us!!) and I thought they would enjoy seeing Epcot Center the most out of all the parks.

We were super excited because Epcot was holding their Food and Wine festival for the entire month of October.  Countries from all over the world were represented with the most amazing authentic food.  It was a great time to visit Epcot, second only to the INCREDIBLE Agriculture and flower displays in March and April.

As we entered the park we noticed that there was a line of people waiting to visit Pluto.  I figured it would be fun to wait and see how Daxton responded to the different characters at his age.  He was a bit impatient waiting in line, normal for a toddler, but the minute he saw Pluto he literally ran into his arms!  It was so unbelievable sweet.  He kept wanting to touch his nose, play with his ears, and give Pluto snuggles.  It was so much fun to see his sweet smile light up.

The day we went to Epcot just so happened to be my dad's birthday as well.  When I bought my ticket I also picked up some badges they give out for free for the birthday boy and others celebrating with him.  They wrote my dad's name on it, so all the workers throughout the park would stop him and tell him happy birthday.  It was pretty funny and he was a trooper for wearing it all day!  He would forget he had it on and then another stranger would call him by name.  It was pretty awesome.

We found a really cool percussion show made up of only three guys and a whole lot of kitchen items.  They were great performers and had some really cool beats.  Our whole family are suckers for rhythm.

One of the reasons I love Epcot is that it showcases countries from all over the world and I have a serious love of traveling.  The world showcase is built around the large lake in the center of Epcot, so we began our journey in Mexico.  There they had a fun boat ride (similar to the Pirates of the Carribbean) which was full of fun music, colors, and even donald duck.  Needless to say, Daxton loved it and we ended up going on the ride several times throughout the day.

Norway was our next stop with another ride Daxton was able to ride...which he probably shouldn't have considering the dark vikings scared him half to death.  He was a trooper though and didn't cry, just clung for dear life to my neck.

He bounced back quickly though and was super excited to explore the Norwegian shop and make friends with the larger than life troll.

The beauty of Epcot...

Next we visited China, one of my favorites.  I would love to visit the many different beauties of China.  Both my parents and Dallas have traveled there numerous times and have loved it.  I love all the vibrant colors and interesting detail in the architecture.

As we were leaving we found Mulon.  Since she wasn't a large fluffy animal, Daxton had little interest in meeting the princess, so we kept walking.  The girly girl in me thought it was fun to catch a glimpse though.

Some other fun discoveries...
A juggler in Italy

 Some fun shopping and gorgeous gardens in Japan.

Beautiful mosaics, fountains, and an intricate Bazaar in Moracco

We listened to some great live music, walked through a mini replica of the Busch Gardens, and watched a cool film in Canada.

We also ate yummy soft serve ice cream in France.

 We also saw Alice from Alice in Wonderland, but once again Daxton had little interest in meeting random people.

 We even strapped the little man in a monkey leash and let him run to his little heart's delight (yes I was totally that mom and I didn't feel embarrassed at all!)

But easily the highlight of our day was watching Daxton meet Winnie the Pooh and Tigger.  He was so excited, ran into both their arms, snuggled up tight, and giggled with delight.  Our hearts melted instantly.  It was the perfect way to end our day at Epcot!

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