Friday, December 6, 2013

Orlando with the Stokers: Splish Splash

A couple weeks after moving to south Florida, Dallas received the news that he was going to be placed on a client in Stockholm, Sweden for 6 weeks.  After a week of preparing, expediting passports, buying warm clothes, etc, we were sadly informed that company policy had changed and Daxton and I would not be able to accompany Dallas to Sweden.  I have to admit that we were all very frustrated and disappointed by the news, but we had a choice. We could either sit around and mope for 6 weeks while dad was away, or we could make the most of our situation and create one massive adventure... Daxton and I chose the latter!

Our first adventure found us driving up to Orlando for a few days of fun with the Stoker family.  Rob and Kate have been best friends with Dallas for years (Rob and Dallas served a mission together in Thailand.)  We were very excited when Rob accepted a position in Gainesville, Florida for his residency.  Orlando has proven to be a perfect meeting spot for our families.  Kate and her boys were so sweet to meet up with Daxton and I for a fun few days.  It was such a great opportunity to get to know Kate better and develop our friendship.  She is such an amazing person and has already taught me so much about love, acceptance, perseverance, faith, and positivity.  We had such a blast and I can't wait to do it all again!!

We managed to all stay in a hotel suit which allowed for lots of crazy boy time.  We had a lot of fun swimming, chatting, and then it was time for bath time.  It was pretty funny to see them all goofing off, splashing, and trying to swim in a small tub all squished together.  I love making memories like these though.  It was so fun to see Daxton make such quick great friends.

I especially love this last picture of Drue and Daxton while we were washing their hair.  It's almost as if they were both disapproving of having to get clean.

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