Monday, December 9, 2013

NZ Girls Visit Day Four: Everglades Holiday Park

On our fourth and last day together, we decided to spend the morning exploring the Everglades.  It was a major priority to show the girls a few alligators before they flew home!  The first time I went to Everglades Holiday park was with Dallas and my mom the weekend we moved into our new house.  I posted about our adventures here.  I figured that Daxton would do really well like he had before (he fell asleep within the first ten minutes of our airboat tour.)  Boy was I wrong!  He basically flipped out the second the airboat left the dock.  I felt horrible that he was so scared and that his crying was disturbing others on the boat.  Luckily it only lasted the first 15 minutes.  I was able to soothe him with constant snacks and taking off his life vest.  Because I was so busy taking care of my little guy, I didn't take a single picture from our everglades tour.  The below three pictures are from my first trip to the Everglades Holiday Park.

 Absolutely stunning...


I was able to snap a few pictures on my iPhone while Daxton was chomping on his snacks...

Of course Mafa fell right to sleep and slept like an angel!

 Unfortunately we could not find a single Alligator on our hour long tour.  We were all pretty bummed, since I had seen four different gators on our tour before.  Luckily there was an alligator wrestling show put on by the "Gator Boys" directly after our tour where we were able to view and hold gators.  I'm a total nerd and a fan of the Gator Boys TV show, so I was ecstatic that the main guy, Paul, was working that day.  He even let us get our pictures with him after the show.

I was holding Daxton during the wrestling show so I wasn't able to get any pictures, but I have several pictures of alligator wrestling from Gatorland and our first trip to the Everglades.  Daxton loved watching the show and was very glad that I was holding him to see over the fence.  He's at such a fun age now, where he's understanding and recognizing things more and more.

Pictures of Paul catching an cleaning up after the show...

After the show there are baby alligators that you can get your picture with.  It was pretty awesome to feel how soft their skin was.  I thought their scales and belly would feel rough, but in reality it was very smooth.  Daxton loved being so close to the gator.  We had been working on being soft with things and he did great.  He softly felt it's back and then grabbed it's foot gently.  He loved holding hands with the gator.

Heather also loved holding the gator; her last Florida adventure this year.
Katy and Mafa's turn.  Mafa was not too excited about being so close to the gator, but Katy loved it.
After our adventurous morning in the Everglades, I regretfully had to drop my girls off at the airport.  Our time went much too quickly, although I'm quite proud of all we were able to pack in.  I wish I could put into words how much I love these girls.  Every year I am reminded how blessed I truly am to have such incredible friends.
I can't wait til next year!

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